The Carvery Presents “The Great Meat Feast 2018”

The Great Meat Feast at The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra, is back! Serving up a glorious all-beef feast, The Carvery will offer guests a variety of premium beef and unique cuts – prepared at the expert hands of Executive Chef Ian Hioe to showcase their amazing taste profiles.

From 28 September to 21 October 2018, lovers of all things meaty can indulge in this dinner only buffet priced at $78++ (Monday – Thursday) and $88++ (Friday – Sunday).

With so many meats from various farms globally, it is a one stop to taste all the different kind of cuts and meat. For Chef Ian, it is a exciting time for him and his team to explore beef with unique origins, curing methods and in a variety of steak cuts for The Great Meat Feast 2018.

Yukimuro Snow-Aged Wagyu Beef (Japan)

Wagyu beef from the Niigata prefecture in Japan is snow-aged using an ancient Japanese method dating back some 200 years. Due to the constant temperature and humidity in the yukimuro snow cellars, the meats’ complex proteins are broken down; resulting in a supple and tender texture. Only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tajima Wagyu (Australia)

Crossbred with cattle from the original Japanese Tajima bloodline, Australian Tajima cattle are grain-fed on a specially formulated diet for 400 days; resulting in very high-quality wagyu with beautiful marbling and succulent meat. Unique cuts such as Tri Tip, Bolar Blade and Chuck Roll cooked using different methods, will be served for guests to enjoy during The Great Meat Feast.

150 Days Grain-Fed Beef City Black (Australia)

Beef City Black Angus is known for exquisite marbling. As the cows are grain-fed for 150 days, they develop substantial intramuscular fat, with great taste and texture. Chef Ian will be using luxurious tomahawk steaks for The Great Meat Feast, cooked dirty-style – directly on hot coals – to impart a distinct smokiness to complement the steak’s stronger, robust flavours.

Ana Paula Black Angus (Uruguay)

As one of Uruguay’s prime exports, Uruguayan beef is famed for its strict quality control and product provenance. Raised as free-roaming grass-fed cattle in Cerra Largo in northern Uruguay, Ana Paula beef is famed for its leaner cuts, with an intensity that will appeal to steak purists.


Not forgetting guests who may prefer something other than beef, The Carvery’s buffet will also feature other signature roasts like the succulent Rotisserie Chicken and complementary dishes such as hearty green salads, seafood and fish, pizza and flatbreads, charcuterie and cheeses and more in its buffet line!

The Carvery “The Great Meat Feast”
Address: Park Hotel Alexandra, 323 Alexandra Road Level 7, Singapore 159972
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Contact: 6828 8880 /
Instagram: @parkhotelalexandra

Written By: Coralle Wong

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