The Dragon Chamber – a “Secret Society” Restaurant and Bar. Are you game?

If you are, read on. (At your own risk)

Arriving at an unassuming Koptiam, you will find a glass fridge door – which is the portal into an otherworldly realm. Upon entering, you will be plunged into a world reminiscent of Chinatown gambling dens in the 90s with some lofi hiphop beats and artworks from Sabotage and Mister Tucks in the background. An utter transformation indeed, which set the mood for the culinary adventure ahead.

Firecracker Chicken and Maple Fritters ($16++/$28++) 

Kicking off on a heated note, the Firecracker Chicken and Maple Fritters spoke volumes with it’s peppercorn and Szechuan infused seasoned chicken chunks coupled with maple infused youtiao. A daring mix of sweet and spicy (and a tad numbing sensation) sensations that whetted our appetites for more!

A mysterious shroud of smoke obscures the hidden dragon.
 Dragon Mountain ($88++/$138++)

This spectacular dish features an Australian spiny lobster covered with a generous scattering of fried garlic (yum!) and fermented soybean bits, chillies, and Sichuan peppercorns. Despite the showstopper entrance and presentation, couple of us found the meat to be lacking in quantity and hard to extract with the hard shells being obscured.

Flaming Pineapple Beef ($28++)

Diced beef braised and stewed with pineapple five spice gravy served on a friggin flaming pineapple – what more needs to be said? Truth be told, i was expecting the typical chinese sweet-sour pork, but again, the chef manages to pull a good one on me again! Stunning dish. Presentation 11/10. Taste 10/10.

Wagyu Truffle Beef Hor Fun ($68++)
The ever salivate inducing truffle gravy~

The dish that everyone raved about. With premium A4 Kagoshima wagyu beef slices and a thick and viscous truffle sauce, this is your ultra “upscale” version of beef hor fun. The mixed texture of crunchy and chewy of the stir-fried and deep-fried hor fun was melodious, to say the least. The distinct wok-hek was unmistakable as well. To top it off, the savory truffle aroma permeated through every spoon – making for a truly classy and unforgettable dish. This is a must-order dish.

Other dishes worth trying also include the local twist on Cheeseburger Eggrolls ($14) and the elegant Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey ($20). End the hearty feast with the king of the fruits – Fried Durian ($12).

Crazy for Coconuts ($22)

Looking for a place to chill after a hard day’s work? The Dragon Chamber reinvents classic cocktails with familiar flavours and spices and stocks up a cool series of craft beers. My favorite was Crazy for Coconuts ($22) – a concoction of irish whisky, coconut cold brew and dark sugar, with a pandan tincture. A refreshing drink with the right balance of bitter and sweet notes, and whiff of pandan fragrance at every swirl.

Overall, pricetag might seem abit steep but for an immersive (and almost theatrical) dining experience like this, this speakeasy is worth exploring for those up for an adventure. I for one, will definitely be back!

The Dragon Chamber
2 Circular Road
Opening Hours:

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