The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival 2018

Feeling the festive mood? If you are, you are most probably looking out for places to enjoy the night. The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival will be happening at Read Bridge from 5th to 9th December from 6pm-11pm. Just like the name of the FEASTival, you can feast on different cuisines by 15 restaurants. In outdoor settings, overlooking the Singapore River, you can enjoy the cool air from the light river breeze.

Signature dishes and curated cocktails will be the highlight at The Great Clarke QuayFEASTival. Visitors will be able to sample selected menu favourites at special tasting prices ($10-$32) from the 15 restaurants represented.

Cocktails, wine and craft beers will also be made available so that you can pair them with food or simply enjoy the entertainment on the bridge.

Notable Asian cuisine must-tries include Tsui Wah’s signature pork chop buns ($7.50), East Treasure’s double boiled tonic soup with crocodile meat ($8), Ramen Keisuke Lobster King’s Ramen ($10) and Zouk’s RedTail Bar’s prawn twister with sweet Thai chili sauce ($12).

Popular street food tacos, burgers, sausages and wraps come in all taste and forms by Cask & Bangers, Cuba Libre, Harry’s Bar, McGettigan’s, Rodizio Do Brazil, Señor Taco, and The Pump Room.

Señor Taco’s Pastor Taco 4 Pieces, Chicken/Pork [$15]

Choose either Chicken or Pork or mix them up just like us with 2 Chicken Taco and 2 Pork Taco.

Señor Taco’s Nachos -Tortilla Chips, Cheese, Jalapenos, Chilli, Beans  [$12]

Different from the usual Cheese Nachos that we usually get, this one comes with many different types of ingredients.

Cask & Bangers’s Fish & Chips [$13]

They have really friendly and nice service and the portion is also not bad.

Cask & Bangers’s White Bait [$8]

Perfect combination with a drink while enjoying the entertainment for the night. You can get Hoegarden at $10.

We got to try some of the The Ranger’s Top of the Range Australian Grain-Fed 35 Day Aged Ribeye (100g) with Potato Gratin [$8], Wagyu Slides [$5] and Wagyu Beef Stew [$8]. The first one is really good with soft and flavourful ribeye and creamy potato gratin.

East Treasure’s Chilli Crab has pretty good chilli sauce and it even comes with a mantou!

Other notable dishes are:

Ellenborough Market signature – KB Burger with pork floss, a Hokkien pork belly bun dish but with a twist ($5 for 2 pieces).

Harry’s Jazz Burger with Chips -Beef Patty, Double Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato Slices  [$15]

Dine on the bridge and soak up the music and instagram-worthy entertainment brought to you by the various bands and DJs who would otherwise only perform at their respective venues.

The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival 

Address: Read Bridge at Clarke Quay

Opening Hours: 5th-9th December, 6pm-11pm

Hashtag: #clarkequaysg #winedinegoodtimes

Written by: Coralle Wong

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