The Sakura Lounge – Celebrating Spring

“The Sakura Lounge” will be held during 20-23 March at Tanjong Pagar Centre’s Urban Park. The event is organised by JAPAN RAIL CAFE and celebrates the season arrival of spring. Expect to see a lot of pinkish decorations, the sakura flower itself all over the space.

The Sakura Lounge is ideal for everyone to relax and enjoy in contrast with the bustling central business district. There are many activities lined up like that of ohanami (cherry blossom-viewing) parties such as:

1) Yamanashi Wine Appreciation
2) Park Yoga
3) Musical performances
4) Japanese Food Bazaar

Rakki Bowl

We made the right choice to get the signature truffle wagyu don [$13], super worthwhile with the amount of beef, onsen egg and truffle oil! The irresistible smell wafts in the air, making those around us hungry. The taste is really good as the beef is marinated well with a Japanese sweet soy sauce sitting on warm rice. It also has a strong smell of the truffle that stimulates your appetite.


You can never go wrong with potato, bacon and cheese. This combination is too hard to beat, they go so well with each other and kickstart your night right. The Raclette Cheese Platter [$12] has raclette cheese, potato, bacon, sweet corn and bun. The buns are homemade by Hattendo.

Kirin Beer

A must get when you are at the event! It is really light and smooth to drink, great when you are really thirsty.


We had to try this because of its 25 layered pork which sounds so interesting. We got both chicken and pork sandwich, $8 and $7 respectively. However, the sandwiches was quite cold hence it affected the taste. We asked for the sandwiches to be heated up but they insisted that it was already warm enough. It has a tomato like sauce on the bread with thick and layered. It is worth trying, best if you are able to eat it hot. We also got the Ozeki Amakase, Japanese fermented rice energy drink [$7] that has a lot of benefits such as enzymes-rich, aid digestion, high fibre content and many more. It was a little too sweet and thick to quench your thirst.

We enjoyed ourselves during the event with melodious singing, many delicious food and drink options. It is really relaxing to spend your evening there with the night breeze and lively atmosphere.

The Sakura Lounge by JAPAN RAIL CAFE

Address: Tanjong Pagar Centre L1 Urban Park (The Sakura Lounge)

5 Wallich Street, #01-20, Singapore 078883 (JAPAN RAIL CAFE)

Opening Hours: 20th March – 23rd March, 11am – 10pm


Instagram: @japanrailcafe

Written by: Coralle Wong

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