Try the limited edition Special Tsukemen at Ramen Champion before its gone

There are seriously no lack of solid ramen houses in Singapore. From the Japanese Food Streets in the various malls to the hidden enclaves of Tanjong Pagar. Not many do it like Ramen Champion though – where ramen brands are invited to set up and “compete” based on sales takings and customer votes. Crowned champions will be invited to set up a restaurant in Singapore every year! Talk about the cream of the crop 😛

Rich Tonkotsu Ramen

Brainchild of both Chef Ohashi and Chef Tomiyama, the original Ikkyu Tonkotsu soup is boiled for hours to achieve a rich and milky consistency. If like me, you love the gao (thick) soup base, you will enjoy this dish!

Swimming Crab Tsukemen

Also known as the Dai Tsukemen Haku, the Swimming Crab Tsukemen clinched 2nd place at the biggest Tsukemen competition in 2016! We had no doubts about it after tasting it. Made of rich tonkotsu base blended with umami crab broth, the tsukemen sauce with crab extract is broiled for 48 hours. Lastly, served with springy Chubuto-Straight-Noodles and tender soft Cha Shu, it’s one complete, satisfying meal.

Chef Horikawa Mazesoba

Another fruit of the labor of Chef Tomiyama and Chef Ohashi, this popular dry ramen marries the taste of authentic Japanese maze soba with spicy Singapore flavors! Absolutely loved the fusion and savored the dish to the last bit!

Hokkaido Special Double Curry Rice

Last up, starring Japanese yellow curry and European-style dark curry which you can either enjoy two kinds on their own, or mix them together to your preferred taste. Personally, they both taste quite the same after a while, but tasty nevertheless! The Pork Katsu is not the most tender, but we definitely enjoyed the novelty of the curry varieties!

Head down to Ramen Champion stores (3 outlets) to try these limited-edition ramens now, while stock last!

Ramen Champion at Bugis +
201 Victoria Street #04-10
Singapore 188607
+65 6238 1011

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