Wild Market’s New Multiroom Play Concept and Menu

Wild Market’s new space is designed as a all-in-one concept where corporate events and family gatherings can take place. It has so many entertainments like karaoke, nerf guns, video, pool, dart and board games – paired with communal dining and ice-cold drinks.

Guests will be massively entertained with the variety of games available at Wild Market. Even you are not interested in physical activities, you can sit around with your friends to enjoy the atmosphere.

This is the shared karaoke room that anyone can go in to blast out their vocal cords after a stressful day at work or to even make some friends who share the same singing passion.

When drinking games are involved, beer pong is a must. Channel your energy and craziness with this game as you make up your own rules and have fun with your friends.

Enough of the exciting games at Wild Market, below are some of the food and light bites that you can try out.

Smoked Salmon Guacamole [$11.80]

Thin slices of smoked salmon dotted with avocado emulsion and topped with Guacamole. Those who love a nice starter will like this, it’s quite an appetite whetting dish. Our only comment on this would be the lack of textures, preferably if there are biscuits or bread to go, the all-mushy textured items on this plate will be given crunch.

Wild Bar Edamame [$4.80]

Steamed Japanese soybeans tossed in a proprietary blend of sesame oil, garlic and chilli flakes! A good option for greens in our diet.

Tempura Avocado Mentaiko [$7.80]

Avocado coated in a light batter, topped with savoury mentaiko mayonnaise. It’s our first time trying out this unique dish! Worth the try if you like avo and tempura.

Corn On Cob Trio (Mentaiko or Kimchi Butter [$9.80] (back)

The corn on a cob was a nice palate cleanser for all that we have tried thus far, we would like it to be sweet and more grilled for that lovely crunch and juice!

Sambal Squid With Chorizo [$14.80] (front)

A whole 500g squid barbecued, then smothered in a full – bodied sambal sauce, and finally topped with charred bits of Spanish chorizo. The seafood is really tender and done pretty well!

Chicken Shish Kebab [$4.80]

Sticks of chicken thigh, breast and capsicums slathered in a house-blend! They are first marinated before being charred over a grill giving it a nice charred and smokey flavour to the overall taste.

Garlic Fried Rice [$4.80]

With a great space like this, now you know where to book for your upcoming parties and gatherings, especially with the New Year coming right up!

Wild Market

Address: Shaw Towers Bugis, 100 Beach Rd #01-27 S189702

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-12am, Friday 8am-2am, Saturday 4pm-1am, Closed on Sunday and on selected Public Holidays

Contact: 9247 5319

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildmarketsg/

Instagram: @wildbarsg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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