Elegant Christmas At Orchard Hotel Singapore

As we all gear up for Christmas, we visited Orchard Hotel Singapore and the Royal Swan Festive Goodie House greeted us at the lobby. Taking the centre spot, the Goodie House features seven larger-than-life royal swans, representing “seven swans a-swimming” as made famous in the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” contrasting against bright red Poinsettias.  

You can take home some christmas goods like succulent roasts, handcrafted logcakes and fruitcakes, as well as a medley of confectioneries resembling the royal swans. Their packagings are also really cute and can be used for future use as decorations or as containers.


Christmas Goodies are available daily at the lobby’s Royal Swan House from now till 25 December 2019. 


Next up, we got into the Bar Intermezzo where you can sip on drinks and snack on little treats. The space is perfect to wind down with family and friends.


The Orchard Cafe presents an extensive buffet spread with highlights like seafood extravaganza on ice, celebratory roasts, Japanese delights, live stations and carving, local food, Christmas desserts and festive favourites.

We have the seafood on ice that we recommend as their offerings are extremely fresh, generous and plump. Not a cold seafood lover, but the prawns and oysters are really good and many would eat plates of these.

Seafood On Ice: Freshly Shucked Irish and Canadian Oysters; Chilled Tiger Prawns; N.Z. Mussels; Chilled Snow Crab.

One of the highlights that many buffet goers look forward to is the Live & Carving Stations where you can get to enjoy roast that are sliced upon order. Below, the three meats that we got to try were the honey glazed ham, roaster chicken and beef. Try each of them and grab some of the brussels sprout, asparagus and carrot on the side. After which, top it up with the recommended sauces placed in front of each roast.

If you are a tourist who wants to try local food or just a local who likes the usual hawker fare, this buffet is a good match for you. There are also some DIY stations where you can customised your own dishes according to your own preferences.

Have you seen a fondue tower with 2 types of chocolate flowing with multiple layers? This has to be one of the biggest fondue I have seen in a buffet and with both white and milk chocolate.

You can expect to have a great time here with the extensiveness of the buffet at Orchard Cafe, there is so much to try. So much that even after a few rounds around, some of the food items might have been missed out.

Celebrate Christmas season with Orchard Hotel and enjoy your night out after by walking down the Orchard Road.

Orchard Hotel Singapore

Address: Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879

Contact: 6734 7766

Website: https://www.millenniumhotels.com/en/singapore/orchard-hotel-singapore/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OrchardHotelSingapore/

Instagram: @orchardhotelsingapore

Written by: Coralle Wong

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