Kuro Maguro Festive Menu – Kaisen Chirashi Meshi

Calling out to all those sashimi and donburi lovers out there! Kuro Maguro has launched a new festive item on their menu this Feb which is none other than their Kaisen Chirashi Meshi set!


The highlight of this set is none other than the Chirashi bowl itself! Unlike any Chirashi bowl out there at this price point, you get a flavourful bed of japanese rice topped with an assortment (9 different types) of good quality seafood – anago, sliced salmon, maguro, kanpachi, negitoro, crabmeat, ikura, prawn and mussel! My personal favourite has to be the prawn and salmon! The negitoro (minced tuna) however, threw me off a little due to its texture which I wasn’t used to. If you’re a sashimi lover who loves variety, this Kaisen Chirashi Meshi bowl is definitely up your alley.

On a whole, this was definitely an above average Chirashi bowl. With so many sashimi to choose from in a bowl, you get to enjoy different textures and flavours of the sea with each mouthful! Also, a shoutout to the rice which it is being served on. The rice was well seasoned, not too vinegary, and I would gladly eat it on its own!

Not forgetting, for this set, you’ll also get a side of Karaage (fried chicken) which is of a generous portion, a serving of Chawamushi (steamed egg) and a bowl of miso soup to complete the meal. You will definitely be contented after this wholesome and spurious meal!

From now till 29th Feb 2020, you can enjoy this set meal for only $19.80++ (U.P $29.80++)! So head on down to Kuro Maguro to enjoy this special promo!

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