First-ever Ice Hotpot @ Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi!

Well Christmas might be associated with Turkeys and Logcakes, but you know a comforting hopot with loved ones will always hit the right notes! Introducing Fujisoba’s 6-Course Party Hot Pot Set – a feast of 6 different dishes with a twist on the traditional hotpot styles we know of!

First up for appetizers we had on our plates Soba Sashimi, Shredded Japanese Yam, Salmon, Japanese Fish Cake, Namul (bean sprout salad), Duck ChuShu & Edamame. This delightful dish certainly did it’s job of awakening our tastebuds to start the course off.


We were also treated to Ni-Hachi Soba Salad – some fried soba, that reminded me so much of our favorite childhood snack! It looks innocent but is real potent man. We had real trouble stopping ourselves from nibbling on it, bearing in mind we needed to save ample stomach space for the courses ahead!

Remember Tori-Q? These super tender Teriyaki Yakitori with grilled leeks reminded me it. But so much better!!

The Jako to Shishito Itame (Japanese Peppers with tiny sardines) is a dish that rivals the Ni-Hachi Soba salad on an addiction scale, if there were one. The peppers are savoury and not spicy at all, while the lightly-salted, calcium packed “ikan billis” will keep you going on and on.

Dashimakitamago. In English, that’s Egg omelettes with truffle for you.  Happiness is when you pop one into your mouth. The unique truffle fragrance infused within those soft omelettes makes this truly an unforgettable dish for me.

And a preview to the star of the course…some of the freshest, premium seafood ingredients!! In the background, Singapore’s first and only Ice Hotpot! Both chicken and seafood stock are carefully  boiled for hours before being frozen. The ice seals the freshness of the seafood and hotpot ingredients – so once melted, you realize the true definition of “fresh”.

“Will you just look at that!!” – an awestruck diner (yours truly)

Featuring the majestic Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot. (in a ready to consume state)

Oh btw, in conjunction with Fujisoba’s special launch promotion, enjoy 1 Snow Crab Leg per person from now till 30th Nov. So go make that reservation now man!

So if you are a seasoned hotpot eater, you know there’s always an excess of broth in the end right? Throw in the golden ratio Ni-Hachi (stands for 2-8 ratio of buckwheat flour and wheat flour) Signature Soba in and voila, you got yourself a bowl of goodness. A true umami bomb.

I had rounds of this it, mind you.


Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Haci

100 Tras Street #03-14

100AM Singapore

Opening Hours: 11am-3pm; 5.30-10pm




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