Michelin-starred Tsuta launches 3 new tonkotsu flavors!

Created by popular demand, Tsuta will be unveiling three new ramen flavors – Tonkotsu, Kurobishio and Mala.

If you are a ramen fan, you will probably tried or at least heard of Tsuta. Well, it was my first time at the Funan outlet, and i was honestly impressed! Typically, ramen bowls are either too oily are salty for my liking – but the ones at Tsuta was just nice. And i just kept going, every spoonful of soup was hearty, yet not too gelat.

Then i knew why. These umami-filled bowls contain zero MSG and artificial flavourings, unlike so many of the ramen bowls out there! It took Chef Yuki a year and over 200 trials before the final product materialized. Wow.

The tantalizing trio 😛

The Tonkotsu Soba comprises of premium black pork bone and trotter, that is boiled over 5 hours under high temperature, to extract a fragrant and collagen-rich flavour. This is a classic and crowd favourite. When in doubt, always go for this 🙂

Mala Tonkotsu Soba

These days, mala is the ‘in’ flavour profile, and Tsuta’s version definitely pull no punches. The base being the same flavourful pork broth, the mix of spices and mala oils introduces another dimension to the dish, which is really refreshing. Topped off with crushed peanuts and Goji berry, it draws out a subtle sweetness as well.

Kurobishio Tonkotsu Soba

Aka ‘Mayu’ or Black Garlic Oil, Tsuta’s take on this classic flavor is handmade from scratch. Its woody flavor is attributed to the spicy black pepper and fragrant burnt garlic taste. Coupled with black pepper minced pork, fried garlic chips, and black fungus mushroom, the dish was complete. Because i’m a garlic fan, and biased that way, this was probably my favorite 🙂

All 3 bowls are customisable, where one can indicate a preference for salt level, as well as spiciness level for the Kurobishio and Mala bowls 🙂

#01-04 North Bridge Rd
Funan Mall
Singapore 179097

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