New Soup Ramen Options & Kids’ Meal at Menya Kororo

This is the first time for Menya Kokoro to have soup options on their menu. There are 2 different soup options this time, one spicy and one non-spicy, Clear Kokoro Ramen Soup and Red Kokoro Ramen Soup. You have a option of either the ramen or soba. They have also included a new Maze Soba, Tom yam Maze-Soba and kids’ menu.

Tom yam Maze-Soba [$13.80]

It is extremely rich and a lot of things going on, from onsen egg, minced pork, chopped chives, tomato, cucumber and onion. Customers just need to mix it all up so that the springy udon is fully coated with the sauce. 

This is how it looks when the Tom yam Maze-Soba is thoroughly mixed together. Messy and So Appetising.

Clear Kokoro Ramen Soup [$13.80]

The light and clear broth brings warmth and familiarity. The noodle is also very springy and fresh.

Red Kokoro Ramen Soup [$13.80]

The spicy option will be a hot favourite among those who love some spice in the life!! the spice kicks in rather quickly and could be fiery enough to burn so beware!

Kids’s Meal [$9.80] *for kids ages 12 and below*

There is also a meal catered to kids and their palate, the mini maze soba is intentionally made non-spicy and sides are incorporated.

Having garnered immense popularity for its Maze Soba, Menya Kokoyo humbly improved further on their menu to offer more to their customers that have requested for soup options. With such a hearing heart, we know Menya Kokoyo is bound to grow exponentially.

Menya Kokoro

Address: Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, #03-313, Suntec City Mall, 038983

Opening Hours: Mon,Tues,Thurs 11am–3pm, 5:30–9:30pm, Wed,Fri 11am–3pm, 5:30–10pm, Sat 11am–10pm, Sun 11am–9:30pm

Contact: 6235 3386



Instagram: @menyakokorosg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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