Dessert Cup – Raffles City

Raffles City Shopping centre, 252 North Bridge Road #B1-73 S179103

Tel: 64682838

Looking for customisable desserts/ dessert tables for your events? Dessert Cup might just be the answer. With such intricately designed cakes, cupcakes and other sweets, it will not fail to please. 

For Chinese New Year, they came up with newly flavoured prosperity cupcakes: 福 Hazelnut chocolate lava (yes!), Black Sesame Citrus with a fresh citrus chantilly, BAH BWA – a toasted chicken bah kwa cake topped with a savoury butter cream, Mandarin Strawberry and also GulaMelaka Pandan. 

The savoury one was really unique and gives a different feel towards cupcakes altogether, helps remind us that cupcakes need not be entirely sweet, only filled with cream and icing. 

They too offer macarons, this time with special flavours: Orange pineapple (there’s pineapple pulp in the middle!), Black sesame (love this), Green tea lychee and Hazelnut.

Well, hope the pictures did entice you to get some for yourself and your loved ones! 


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