Urban Bites – Get your Lebanese and Mediterranean food fix

Lebanese food!! What first comes to mind is exotic spices and intriguing flavors i bet. And you would definitely be in for a good treat at Urban Bites – a restaurant opened by Chef Ghazi Khanashat. The man who brought this genre of cuisine to the shores of Singapore back in 2001!

First up, if you are a hummus lover, be sure to ask for extra servings for it. It’s mother-addictive, it goes well with anything and everything simply. You’ve been warned!~

Also loved how refreshing and unique the salad was. There’s just, so many things going on in this dish! And the colors are just pure alluring!

Burghul Salad ($12)

Lamb-lovers, this will be a dish served in paradise for ya! Pulled lamb and three poached eggs in a house-made tomato sauce topped with feta cheese and kale leaves, with a side of Lebanese bread. It’s savory to the very last bit!

Eggs with Lamb Shashouka ($20)

Flat bread stuffed with Lebanese cheese – jeddal, feta, mozzarella and Akkawi. So sometimes you don’t really need to know much about what you are eating. Cos it’s more about appreciating and savoring those rich flavors with a dish like this.

Cheese Manouche ($16)


Garlic-chilli roasted cauliflower and toasted chickpeas topped with yoghurt, pita chips, and pomegranate seeds. I mean, just look at how delicate and elegant this plate of yoghurt goodness is. It was really one of those dishes where you just go for seconds or thirds, subconsciously.

Fettet Cauliflower ($15)

200g seabass fillet coated with a tahini dressing. Pan-seared, baked and served with homemade baba ghanoush (well-seasoned eggplant puree) and baked potato slices. If it looks or sounds good, then it’s better when it comes to taste. I mean when you have tahini, the quintessential middle east dressing going on, the deal is sealed.

Samke Harra ($29)


Flash-fried filo strings, homemade sweet clotted cream and strawberries slices. Garnished with crushed pistachio and dried rose petals. If mainstream desserts like tiramisus or choc lava cakes are boring you out, this is where you go. This definitely counts as one of those dessert dishes where after having tried it, you can boast to your foodie friends 🙂

Osmaliyeh ($12)

If you’re looking for lebanese food or something different to try out, this might just be the place to visit!

Urban Bites
161 Telok Ayer Street S068615

Tel: 6327 9460


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