Affordable Premium Wagyu Beef Buffet @ Tenkaichi!

Hear this.

From Free flow Wagyu Beef, Black pork loin, Pork Cheek Fillet to premium seafood like Hokkaido oyster, giant scallop and fresh sashimi starting from $59.9++. Yes, it’s unbelievable. And like me, you might be wondering what’s the catch? Well other than the fact that the quote price is for lunch (dinner sets one back for just $64.9++ btw), there is none!

The Wagyu Beef is sourced globally, and has a marbling
score of at least 7+. With a grain-fed diet, this beef is full of rich flavours with a higher level of marbling and juiciness. Moreover, each plate of Wagyu is hand sliced by the chef for every order, guaranteeing its freshness.

Meat Galoreeeee~

For any buffets, it’s always wise to start off with what you like and in small quantities, lest you become too full to explore the varieties later on. Clearly, the strategy didnt go too well for us as we went all out from the start 😛

Sizzling in action!
This is the reason why i can never become a vegetarian..

Despite the wallet-friendly pricetag, the quality is not compromised – unlike some buffet restaurants out there. The succulent texture in the pork cheek fillets and incredible melt-in-your-mouth wagyu kept us going for a good few rounds! Oh and for those who love a good ox-tongue, you will be delighted to know that they have it too 😉

Bowl of goodness

If like me, you like to strike a balance and can’t go carnivore mode for 90mins, you find a good selection of vegetables that make a good hotpot. Needless to say, i was back to the meats in no time after the much appreciated veggie respite 🙂

To end the feast off, top up just $10 for free flow Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I was so tempted to go for every flavour available but was at my tummy space limits 🙁

Overall, a truly value-for-money restaurant to pamper yourself with a feast. Highly recommended for wagyu and meat lovers out there!

Cineleisure (8 Grange Road)
+65 6365 8389

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