Bonjour Madame et Monsieur, Bienvenue chez Ginett~

Allow me to bring you on a short journey that will etch a lasting memory of the fine food that Ginett, restaurant & wine bar, will serve. But first let me get off the technical details in this 3 course set menu that Ginett provides. At a price of S$69, there is a starter, main course and dessert catered for you. At every course, there are two dishes for you to choose from and I must say, it is a very difficult decision to make.

Nevertheless, every dish served on each course satisfied this hungry soul of mine that made me crave for more! Definitely worth the price!

First off, the starters. The Tartare De Crevettes Tigrées et d’avocat, I do not know how to pronounce it so don’t bother asking me (Same goes to most of the names of the dishes as well). What I know and can say, is that this dish is lip-smackingly filled with chunks of delicious raw tiger shrimp and it is served together with a generous portion of avocado with coconut milk scented piquant tomato coulis! Each bite is both juicy and springy!

Tartare De Crevettes Tigrées et d’avocat

Then there is the Ravioles d’escargot, rich in flavour, each homemade snail ravioli is made with passion! Flourished with sweet garlic and lovely herbs, giving it a new flavour profile. I certainly enjoyed this dish more as I would prefer having the ravioles, but oh wells, to each his own!

Ravioles d’escargots

Also, at each course, there is a choice of wine to accompany the dishes! For the Starter course, you can choose between Château de Citeaux, Bourgogne Blanc 2015 (White), the Domaine Gruhier, Bourgogne Epineuli 2015 (Red) or Francois Labet, Cuvée Splendid NV (Sparkling).

As for the main courses…

Right off the bat I was hit with the fragrance of the Cabillaud Rôti Au Chorizo. The Atlantic cod roasted with chorizo, served with Champignon bouquet, oyster and seaweed emulsion. The juiciness coming from the cod and chorizo was bursting with flavours like a party in my mouth!

Cabillaud Rôti Au Chorizo.

At this point of time, I am already overwhelmed by the dishes, as if I am not defeated, Ginett presented the other main dish the Carré D’agneau Rôti Au Cumin. The fragrance of Cumin overwhelmed my sense of smell and the charcoal grilled lamb rack packs a punch, tender and juicy, it is absolutely perfect. It is like a storm that wrecked my ship and I am left swirling around in the ocean, terrified and yet in awe.

Carré D’agneau Rôti Au Cumin

A lifebuoy was given, a choice of either Domaine Pichon, Saint-Joseph Blanc 2016 (White) that goes well with the cod, or the Château Beard La Chapelle, Saint-Emilion Grand cru 2012 (Red) — this was my pick, like the lifebuoy for the lamb that wrecked my ship.

As the storm passed, the desserts were served to calm my nerves. You can choose the Sablé Aux Fraises et à la Rhubarbe, several pieces of rhubarb shortbread with orange coulis served below the strawberries.

Sablé Aux Fraises et à la Rhubarbe

Or you can choose the Le Mervilleux Riz Au Lait A L’angelique De Roland Durand, which is what I would prefer as it is unique on its own and its name is tremendously long. A marvelous rice pudding with angelica by Chef Roland Durand, served with pumpkin marmalade and almond milk.

Le Mervilleux Riz Au Lait A L’angelique De Roland Durand

Also, it comes with a choice of Château de Landiras, Graves 2015 (White) or the Domaine Raimbault, Sancerre Rosé 2016 (Red).

This has been a wonderful journey at Ginett as I slowly recovered my senses and headed home. Or you can stay there and drink glasses of wine at $6, all day, all night. Au revoir~

Ginnett, Restaurant & Wine Bar
Location: 200 Middle Rd, Singapore 188980
Operating Hours: 7am – 11:30pm daily

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