Caffe Bene – Vivo City

No.1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-150, Vivo City 098585

Tel: 66351778

If you’re feeling tired after window shopping at Vivo City, you can consider popping by Caffe Bene – famous in Korea for their Toast and Bingsoo (shaved ice). Ultimately, not quite the kind of bingsoo expected, shall drop by to try their toast next time.

We picked the Single Bingsoo in Coffee flavour, in consensus, we felt that the ice cream was good! I didn’t really enjoy this dessert because the ice was coarse and also, there was a blob of azuki beans (red beans) which was far too sweet we had to remove it.

Coffee Bingsoo (Single) – $14.90

We also got this Melon Latte, if you are a fan of the Bingrae Melon milk/ ice cream stick, you will like this! They are also currently having a 1-for-1 promotion. Got on a high sugar rush after taking a sip, might want to request for lesser syrup/ more milk!


Melon Latte – $14.40

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