IPPIN Cafe Bar – Mohamed Sultan


18 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 Singapore 238967

TEL: +65 6733 4794

Singapore’s first Japanese restaurant to use a home concept for it’s cafe bar, setting a very comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

When you walk in, you will feel a sense of homeliness and cosiness.

Their menu offers a range of authentic Japanese meals with a homely touch.

The one that reminds greatly of home-cooked food is this meatball soup with sweet and soft vegetables and carrot. This dish is both healthy and simple that can be enjoyed by everyone. A simple Japanese brown sauce can also be eaten with the meatballs.


This bowl full of fish eggs and tuna will be a hot favourite among those that likes the fishy taste.  With each bite, from a spoonful of rice from this dish, a fishy liquid will burst in your mouth delightfully.

This salad is also for fish lovers as the main part of the salad is the fish right in the middle. The fish has a very fishy taste to it.

Last but not least, these noodles is where i would use the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” As simple as it looks, it was the best noodle dish that i have tasted. It is amazingly sweet (the natural kind), possibly from the juices from the vegetables or maybe with a secret sauce. It was super addictive and the best part is that it is healthy.



Love, Coralle

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