Da Miao Hotpot introduces Beauty Collagen Soup!

If you are a mala fan, then you need to trace the roots back to Sichuan for the authentic taste. But fortunately, we don’t need to travel miles just for that, as Da Miao Hot Pot is located conveniently right at Clarke Quay.

To complement it’s extensive Chengdu delicacies, they are also launching their brand-new Beauty Collagen soup – ummmm silky and nourishing! For regular hotpot goers, you know the drill, have it 2-ways so you can switch up the tastebuds and last longer 😉

The ingredients available are uniquely Sichuan, and you would find things like Spicy Chicken Kidney ($12), Bamboo Shoot Slice ($6), Bamboo Fungus Shrimp Wrap ($18) and Seaweed Grass ($6). I must say, these wasn’t really my kind of dish, but hey it’s was an eye-opener and each to his own 😊 Oh and light reminder, if you would like to taste what they are really like, go for the Collagen first. Once it goes into the mala soup, everything would taste the same – 嘛 and 辣.

Of course, the standard signatures like the Australia Prime Beef ($32) can never go wrong in hotpots! And I certainly helped myself to loads of it.

After a heavy meal, tea is the best to get rid of any greasiness. And the Eight Treasures Tea ($5) was the part that left the deepest impression on me. Filled with red dates, chrysanthemum, goji berries, stevia leaf, jasmine flower and monk fruit, every sip was symphonic, light and fragrant.

If you fancy some entertainment during your meals, you can look forward to the traditional Kung-Fu tea art performance, as well as the energizing Sichuan Face-Changing Opera spectacle!

Da Miao Hotpot
3 River Valley Road
Singapore 179022
Tel: 6250 9969

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