Fried Chicken Master – NEX

NEX mall, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083 #B2-48A

Tel: 6593 9403


Fried Chicken Master, a brand under the Taiwan-based Super Qin Group. They specialise in meat and poultry processing. You can be assured the best chicken parts, with exclusive recipe. With SOP’s to ensure only fresh chickens are used, only cooked upon order and remains juicily tender!

Lovely Jimbo $5 – Chicken Breast meat, you might shun away but this… is so juicy and tender, unlike what you’d expect, love their marinate of a sweet sauce, you really don’t need any extra dips. 

Cutey Jimbo -$4.8, having this in bite-size is quite a calorie-gaining because i keep popping them into my mouth, one of my favourites! 

Running Jimbo $4.8, fried chicken thigh 

Jimbo Run Away Meal $5.50, two pieces of chicken in between really soft buns, we love the bun. 

You can opt to get the set meal which comes with a drink – now, this is something that causes them to stand out, they do not offer the regular soft drinks you expect from other “fast-food” outlets. 


Instead, they have drinks like the refreshing tangy Kumquat & Lemon juice, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Roselle Tea or Lychee Black Tea. My personal favourite would be the Earl Grey milk tea, not overly sweet, plus it is naturally brewed using tea leaves from Sri Lanka. I even had take-aways to go!

The next time you want to indulge in fried food – pick Fried Chicken Master! 


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