Garden by the club

After a tedious day at work in the CBD area, perhaps you might want to consider having your meal over at Garden Club! Located at OUE Downtown Gallery, it is a nice cosy area for you and your colleagues to enjoy a cup of tea or alcoholic drinks!

They have an interesting concept of encouraging end users to eat more greens rather than just eating at the expense of your health! All of their dishes promotes the idea of a plant-based lifestyle.

The atmosphere of the place is great! With a cosy setting in the restaurant itself or go out to the balcony, where there is live band and beautiful design of a small garden at the rooftop in the heart of the CBD!

Garden Club provides different menus throughout the day. Between 11am to 3pm, they provide Quickserve, where you can build your own bowl and construct a healthy dish for your afternoon!

During lunch, 12pm to 2:30pm, they have their brunch menu which has a wide range of variety of dishes for you to choose from! The most intriguing dish for me would be the Beyond Meat™ Cheeseburger and Fries at the price of $26. Although it tasted amazingly good, it is still a bit too pricy for me! (And… pardon me I did not take a photo of it T.T)

Up next in their dinner menu, which they start serving from 5:30pm to 10:30pm, they have some of the interesting dishes such as the Cauliflower Bouquet Roast that is $10. This entire cauliflower is oven-roasted and topped with a house special garlic miso sauce! It is sweet and salty that tease me to keep on biting chunks and chunks of cauliflower in my mouth!

Another dish that I enjoyed is the Garden Ragu Fettuccine, which costs $15. This is a dish that contains the house-made specialty beyond meat™ ragu sauce! I enjoyed this dish more than the rest perhaps because it taste like it contains meat 😛

The best that I had from Garden Club, I will definitely choose the Grilled Barramundi, at the price of $20, I think this is the most reasonable priced dish of all. Looks beautiful, taste wonderful, I would come back for this dish again!

Apart from the food, I would say that the reason why I would be back to Garden Club would be the drinks! If you find the price of the food a tad pricey, come in for a drink!

I find that the drinks that Garden Club prepared are interesting and lovely! Come over and have a cup of Kensington Cooler (Gin), if not try a glass of Old Fashioned (Whiskey), or for something sweet, a glass of Rasa Sayang (White wine), all at a price of $16!

To accompany with the drinks, they provide delicious bar snacks that are definitely a must to go with the drinks! You must order the Fried Husselback Potatoes and Battered Chicken Tenders which I find it extremely tasty and goes well with the drinks!

As a conclusion, Garden Club provides a nice place for tired office workers to come and chill for an evening of drinks and food. The price for the main dishes are a bit expensive for me, ranging between $10 to $30! and sorry to say, for the meat-lovers, this is definitely not for you 😛

Apart from that, some other things that I would hope to see is that the dishes will get less oily, for a healthy food concept, it is a must for the dishes to be less oily 🙂

Garden Club

6A Shenton Way
OUE Downtown Gallery
Singapore (068815)

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10am-11:30pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday


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