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Rumours Bar & Grill has finally opened their second outlet at the heart of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport! Unlike its first outlet in Holland Village, Rumours at Jewel Changi Airport has a homier laidback resort vibe which has been lauded as an awesome hangout location for families and friends, old and the young. From its glorious grills to signature cocktails, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Calamari & Deep-fried chicken wings ($8.80++ each)

First up, the Calamari and the Deep-friend chicken wings which make very good starters for a group of 4-6 to share! The Calamari has a crispy exterior giving it a crunch with every bite. If seafood is not up your alley, you can go for the Deep-fried Chicken Wings which I highly recommend! The chicken wings were lightly coated with a well-seasoned batter fried to golden-brown perfection. The wings did not feel greasy at all after each bite, which had me going for a second serving!

Moving on to the mains, there is an array of grills and meat selection to choose from their menu.

A5 Grade Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin ($87.80++/ 200g)

One of the highlights of the meats Rumours offer will definitely be the premium A5 Grade Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin, which has an impressive marbling score of nine! Rumours is one of the very few places in Singapore to serve this magnificent beef cut. Thus, if you’re feeling a little fancy that night and have some extra bucks to splurge on, you might want to order this dish to have a try!

You will also have a choice of Truffle Potato Gratin or Fried Potato Wedges to go with this fine cut of meat as well as a choice of sauce Bearnaise, Black Pepper or Red wine.

Aside from beef, Rumours serves up pretty good lamb grills as well!

Australian Baby Lamb Chops with Garlic Confit ($45.80++)

If you don’t mind the strong taste of lamb, this is a plate of perfectly pan-seared lamb chop worthy to try! The lamb ribs were well-cooked, tender and flavourful with no gamy aftertaste at all. The garlic confit at the side helps to enhance the taste of the meat when eaten together and the refreshing sweet cherry tomatoes helps to take away any greasiness left.

Similar to beef, for any type of grills ordered, you will have a choice of Truffle Potato Gratin or Fried Potato Wedges as well as a choice of sauce Bearnaise, Black Pepper or Red wine.

If you can’t decide on what meat to have cause you want to have a taste of them all, fear not!  You can get the Mixed Grill platter at an affordable price!

Mixed grill platter ($48.80++)

For just under $50, the Mix Grill Platter comprises of angus tenderloin, lamb chop, pork loin served with fat fries and roasted vegetables. This dish is definitely good for sharing and for those of you who wants the best of all meats!

Lastly, not forgetting the highly raved about Rumours Classic Cheeseburger, which is boasted to be one of the best burgers in Singapore! This classic cheese burger will definitely be a crowd pleaser for everyone of all ages.

Rumours Classic Cheeseburger ($16.80++)

This mean burger comprises of a sizzling beef patty, melted stretchy cheese, bacon and fresh greens sandwich between two well toasted buns. A serving of fat fries is also served together with the burger which I must say is rather good change from the normal standard fries that are commonly served with burgers. This is definitely one of the better burgers that I’ve tried so far! The patty was very well seasoned and it has a sausage-like bite to it unlike some beef patties that crumbles after each mouthful. This dish is definitely a must try at Rumours and it really does live up to its name!

Rumour has it that your meal at Rumours will not be complete without trying out their signature bespoke cocktails! I had the pleasure of tasting the unexpected seductive cocktail quartet – each cleverly named after their appearance and flavours.

Oops, missing one more drink to complete the quartet, read on to find out who’s the last member of this cocktail quartet!
Passionfruit Kiss ($18++)

Passionate kiss is a citrusy gin cocktail, which combines the flavours of passionfruit, lemon and pineapple juice. Served with caramalised lychee with peach puree on the top, this drink taste like summer love, that lingers in your mind leaving you wanting more!

Two Boyfriends ($18++)

Next is the Two Boyfriend, a revitalising gin-based cocktail infused with fruity notes of plum and apple, kept company with a shot of Baileys. Just how having another boyfriend will make a relationship complicated, the combination of these two alcohols sure does make the taste of this cocktail more complex.

Blowing Smoke ($18++)

This is definitely one for the gram and a personal favourite of mine! Blowing Smoke is a white rum-based cocktail with elderflower liquor, fresh lemon juice and a sweet cinnamon scent. As the jar is lifted, a cloud of white smoke with a bold hickory smoky fragrance whiffs out creating a mystical setting which adds to the excitement of unveiling the cocktail.

Inside Me ($18++)

Inside Me is a smoky whiskey ice-blend topped with a subtle touch of Triple Sec, homemade peach puree and sugar syrup. To top it off, take a shot of Baileys from the string for a party in your mouth or mix it together with the main cocktail itself for something different.

On a whole, Rumours outlet at Jewel Changi Airport is definitely a place worth checking out with your family and friends. With a wide variety of food and drinks to choose from, coupled with the live entertainment and a laid-back alfresco sitting area, you sure can look forward to be transported back to Bali while dining at Rumours!

Rumours Bar & Grill
Jewel Changi Airport
Opening hours: Daily, 10am-3am

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