Kohaku Tendon Aka – Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon

The newest Tendon seasonal offering at Kohaku Tendon is the Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon!

Do you know the spicy sauce is made from Szechuan peppers and mala? It is a familiar taste that most of us are familiar with, the special sauce they have is spicy enough to enjoy the array of dishes in the tendon without the extreme numbness.

The amount of ingredients is so satisfying for anyone who loves to try new things. The list of summer ingredients this time are soft-shell crab, tofu hamburg, prawn, tuna, bitter gourd and avocado. Each of them is coated with crispy batter and the special sauce.

Soft-shell crab is incredibly crispy and has a slight sweet taste. It was highly popular and was brought back by high demand by their customers so it is something you should look out for! The tofu hamburg is a marriage of carrot, corn and edamame, and boasts a nice interplay of soft and crunchy textures. The chicken cocktail sausage is a nice surprise in the bowl as one would not expect a sausage to be in a tendon. The tempura prawn is a classic and done well at Kohaku Tendon. The portion of tuna is really generous as it was thick however it could have resulted it to be a little dry. A quick solution would be to reach out for their soy sauce available on every table and squirt them on your tuna and rice. The avocado is also another interesting ingredient that was a delight to have this summer to cool us off in this heat.

Their spicy sauce is really good mix of spices and more of it would only make it even more irresistible. The non-spicy option is also available upon request so no one has to missed out on their delicious tendons.

I am sure some of you are already drooling, the Aka-Fuji Summer Spicy Tendon will retail at S$18.80++ and available to public from 11 June 2019. Be sure to get it before it is taken off the menu!

Kohaku Tendon

Address: Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road #02-34 S059413

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30–16:00 (Last Order: 15:30), 17:00–22:00 (Last Order:21:30)

Contact: 64434355

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TendonKOHAKU.CTP/Kohaku

Instagram: @kohakutendon

Written by: Coralle Wong

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