Savoury Maze Soba at Menya Kokoro

Menya Kokoro has announce 5 new exciting dishes to satisfy our taste buds! With 27 outlets around the world in just 4 years, Kenya Kokoro has definitely built a reputable brand name for itself! What are we waiting for? Let’s review the dishes now!

Up first, the Spicy Sakura Ebi, at the price of $13.80, it is a good choice for foodies who loved a taste of the ocean. Sweet, fresh sakura ebb and fried whitebait are all tossed together with a combination of spring onions, chives, XO sauce, bonito flakes that I adore, garlic, ground Saba fish powder, signature minced meat sauce, tobiko and a perfect onset egg for a flavour-packed dish. This dish is very similar to the bibimbap and the presentation of the dish will definitely attract your attention like how it did for me.

Next, the Tokyo Beef Maza soba, this dish together with another will join the star line-up of noodles dishes at Menya Kokoro! I just love the tenderness of the beef from this dish that would melt in your mouth! Not to forget, every ingredient does its part to make the dish complete and savoury. At the price of S$15.80, definitely have a go at this maze soba!

Like all maze soba, after finishing your soba, you can ask for “oimeishi”, which is a small saucer of rice that you can request to finish up the remaining sauce in your bowl!

Now, the other dish that will be part of the star line-up in Menya Kokoro would be the Curry Beef Maze Don! For all the curry lovers, Menya Kokoro has crafted their own curry sauce for your taste buds! This dish is priced at S$15.80 and for the taste of its curry goodness, curry lovers should give this a go at Menya Kokoro.

While you are with your friends at Menya Kokoro, why not order its Mentai Tamagoyaki, a sweet fried egg roll. The taste was intriguing as I was expecting it to only be fried, however, once I bite into the egg roll, its sweetness tingled with my taste buds. And for S$4.80, it can be shared with a friends of 4, with each to a piece of this sweetness.

Another side dish that you can try is a comforting bowl of Japanese Oden, with traditional ingredients such as chikuwa, fresh daikon, satsuma age and konbu. At the price of S4.80, it can warm you up on a chilly day.

And by the way, Menya Kokoro is having its own promotion period, from 6 May 2019 onwards, you can get 50% off on the 2nd bowl of Maze-Soba or Maze-don after you have ordered either of the 3 new Maze-soba or Maze-don for dinner from Monday to Thursday 5:30pm to 9pm! Do take note, it is 50% off and not applicable on the eve of Public Holidays or Public Holidays itself.

Up next is an awesome deal for beer lovers! Enjoy the Asahi Happy Hour special with the ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Buy 6 Get 4 Free’ drink promotion from 1 May 2019 for the whole day. It is time to get drunk with your friends during work hours! And perhaps also when writing blog articles.

Menya Kokoro
Opening Hours:
– Monday to Friday: 11am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 9:30pm
– Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 9:30pm

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