The Alley: Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk

To ride on the ever so popular brown sugar bubble tea wave, The Alley has just introduced a new addition to their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Series – Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk!

You may be thinking, how does this differ from all the other brown sugar fresh milk out in the market? When I first received the drink, I wasn’t expecting much as it looked just like another typical brown sugar fresh milk bubble tea. However, after taking my first gulp, I took back my words of it being typical.

On top of tasting the superior meji fresh milk coupled with the fragrant caramelised brown sugar and bouncy chewy black pearls, you’ll be surprised by small chunks of silky and creamy creme brûlée bits (think custard-like pudding texture) with each mouthful, adding a whole new texture and creaminess to the drink! If you’re worried about the sweetness, fret not, as this drink is not overly sweet despite having so many components to it. This drink is definitely on the milkier side, so if you like your brown sugar with a stronger milk taste, this is definitely your drink to try!

To all you brown sugar lovers out there, if you have not tried The Alley’s new Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk, you should definitely mark it down as your next brown sugar bubble tea to conquer!

The Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brûlée Milk ($6.80) is only available at The Alley Luxe located at Orchard Cineleisure. Be sure to try it if you are in the Orchard area!

The Alley Luxe @ Orchard Cineleisure
Address: 8 Grange Rd, Level 2, Singapore 239695
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm daily

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