Sun & Moon presents to you their local delicacies from Aomori, Japan

Sun with Moon is set to promote the best regional delicacies from Aomori Prefecture to their customers. Avid fans of Japanese Food will be thrilled to try Aomori’s specialty cuisine from now till early January.

Minmaya Hon Maguro

The best tuna in the region comes from the Minmaya district of Aomori Prefecture, renowned for their fishing and handling methods which keep the tuna at utmost freshness. It is one of the most premium tuna, the bluefin tuna is well-known for its lean meat and smooth texture. The quality of the tuna sets itself apart from other places with its freshness and tenderness.

Kaikyo Straits Salmon

Freshly caught off Aomori prefecture in the cold waters of the Tsugaru Straits, the beautiful Kaikyo Straits salmon is popular for its delicious umami taste and firm, chewy texture.

Mutsu Bay Hotate Kinoko Kayaki Miso ($12.80)

A popular home dish in Tsugaru and Shimokita area, large scallop shells harvested from Mutsu Bay is used as a pot for a rich, tasty stew of scallops, Aomori Maitake mushrooms, egg, miso and stock. It is unique to heat up and eat food directly from large scallop shells in a restaurant.

Senbei Jiru Nabe ($17.80)

Senbei is a popular and deliciously addictive rice cracker,with multiple variations in different parts of Japan. Unique to Aomori region, the senbei jiru nabe is a dish from the Hachinohe area. Tuck into the piping hot both with regional wheat flour senbei crackers, sliced pork, and vegetables in fish and chicken soup stock! If you have no idea what this is, it will be a good choice to get this to try out.

Towada Barayaki ($16.80)

Originating from Towada City in Aomori, sliced beef rib meat is grilled on a sizzling hot plate with a generous amount of onions and seasoned with Aomori meat grilling sauce. This dish is also known as the soul food of locals around Towada area. The onions really elevate the dish because of its sweetness that seeps into the meat and sauce.

Aomori Prefecture is best known for its pristine natural beauty, majestic sea views, and the mesmerizing Nebuta Matsuri lantern festival. Now it will be a spot for tourist in Japan to enjoy the view and try their marine food after trying them at Sun with Moon.

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Written by: Coralle Wong

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