Got my hair all pampered at Artistry Hair

Many of you have noticed i do not have the same old straight hair now, it’s now curled at the bottom and has more volume! Even after more than 3 months the colour and volume of hair is still lasting! I have naturally wavy hair so hopefully that helps to sustain the waviness.

Similar to the previous time (when i did the reborning), my stylist, Desmond Choi used the “1 Dyna Cat”, which relaxes my already damaged coloured hair. So i have a better textured hair now that’s soft and looks healthy! My hair is sooooo smooth and less frizzy. Generally this should last 6 months.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me @rachaelwong or you can call them directly. Quote me to get up to 30% off services!

Artistry Hair Professional

#03-32 International Plaza

10 Anson Road, 079903

Tel: 6221 9255


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