ageLOC LumiSpa by Nu Skin — Your latest 2 minute cleansing device

Have you ever heard of this latest ageLOC LumiSpa cleaning device by NuSkin?

ageLOC LumiSpa features two unique Treatment Head options to accommodate various skin types, the Normal Treatment Head is suitable for most skin types including combination skin. While the second type, a Firm Treatment Head, delivers a more vigorous cleansing experience, which is more suited for oily skin types.

It’s super easy to use! i tried it for the first time today and it’s really just “switch on and go” ahead to massage your face. It is recommended to be used with their products, and for a total of 2 minutes. I like it that it’s set to have a little pause in between 30 seconds interval, sort of a reminder to move on to the next portion of your face. Also, if you take a look at the middle button (the ON button) there are 4 curves which serves the same function to inform you on the cleansing duration. Each curve is 30 seconds.

It’s optimal to use it twice a day. I tried it once on the back of my hand and it’s rather light on the skin, not tacky at all. Rinse and i could see my skin slightly brightened up and looking a bit more radiant as compared to the other hand, can’t imagine if this was done on my face instead. Actually, i always thought brushes are the only good treatment heads, but these scilicon ones are not too bad!

This device was invented and tested by Nu Skin, which brought about clinically proven benefits to the skin. Their products are not simply cleansers to use with the device. With a special formula, it ensures the correct contact and movement of the skin’s surface to treat and cleanse the skin. This enables the treatment heads (those round things in blue) to glide and grip over the skin for optimal treatment and cleansing benefits, in other words, getting all the dirt out.

While it all sounds complicated, you should just try it for yourself, because who doesn’t wish to have healthy and glowing skin? Check out their website for more information and to purchase —

love, rachael

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