House of Seafood – Milo Crab, Oreo Crab for you?

At House of Seafood, their signature dish is the Pepper Crab. However, they are not just stopping at that, House of Seafood now offers a larger range of crab with more flavours.

We got to try the following: Stylo Milo Crab, Creamy Oreo Crab, Zesty Fruitti Crab, Garlicious Crab and Curry ‘O’ Crab. To know flavours is really enough to intrigue me!

Stylo Milo Crab

Creamy Oreo Crab

Stylo Milo Crab tastes like butter and milk base with milo crumbs sprinkled over the crabs. While Creamy Oreo Crab tastes similar to the Stylo Milo Crab but it is sprinkled with Oreo crumbs instead. It quite cool to see such popular flavour integrated into crabs so that fans of either Milo or Oreo can try this new combination.

Zesty Fruitti Crab

With citrus fruits like lime used, the crab naturally taste a little sour, refreshing and also sweet.

Garlicious Crab

One of my favourite. Garlic definitely adds fragrance and flavour to a dish when used. Garlicious crab was really a fragrant and delicious one because the meat are infused with the garlic flavour. Yet, it was not overpowering or spicy.

Curry ‘O’ Crab

The STAR of the crab feast. Curry was lovely, rich and packed a punch of flavours. Highly recommended. Curry was more towards to the indian style, for readers who are curious.

Overall, we felt that House of Seafood did a good job creating these new flavours for crab. A safe choice for those who wants to try some of the new flavours would be Curry ‘O’ Crab and Garlicious Crab. While the more adventurous ones or ardent fans of Oreo/Milo can go for the first three crabs.

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Being popular for their Crabs, they have also expanded to pre-packed crabs, with 3 flavours, namely the Black pepper, Chili and Salted egg flavours. Using a unique machine that the boss himself created and sourced for, to vacuum pack each individually weighted crab to retain its freshness and flavour. It is able to withstand being out of the freezer even for a flight back to your hometown or taking the crabs back as a gift when you visit your friends overseas! A one-of-a-kind gift.

Best part, it is all microwavable, so all you need to do it pop that entire bag into the microwave and follow the instructions behind the box — you will be able to indulge in HOS’s crabs in no time! Now this is a good idea for your “present” instead of the usual snacks, bak kwa and kaya.

We spoke to the owner of HOS, and Francis is not against the idea to have new additional flavours for their pre-packed Crabs, and we are all excited!

Ok, for those who are keen on trying the above unique flavours, here’s a little something for you, just simply flash this voucher to be entitled a $50 off with a minimum spending of $100, dine in only. Please do read the terms and conditions on the overleaf to prevent disappointment. Enjoy!

Love, Coralle

Addresss: 3 Punggol Point Road, The Punggol Settlement #01-01 & #01-02, 828694


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