Perfect Christmas Feast with Délifrance

Looking for a place to get your whole package of Christmas Food? Turkey, Meats, Cakes and Light Bites are all available at Délifrance for ordering.

Traditional Roasted Turkey (4.5kg, S$128)

Marinated with a special sauce and stuffed with flavourful chestnut, savoury brown sauce and raspberry sauce are also given at the side.

Roasted Beef Striploin (2kg, S$85)

A tender and juicy cut of beef cured with chef’s seasoning.

Honey Glazed Chicken Ham (2kg, S$58)

Baked Ham brushed with a layer of sweet honey, adding a sweet note.

Moving onto the desserts, Délifrance is the brand many turn to when they need their logcakes for Christmas.

Joy of Délifrance (1.2kg, S$68)

Délifrance’s best seller, and it features sweet Valrhona chocolate encased in velvety chocolate cake. This is the best chocolate you can get at Délifrance if you love rich and smooth chocolate. Recommended!

Chocolate Crumbs and Cream Cheese (1kg, S$60)

Log cake made of 100% cookie crumbs, cream cheese and layers of light sponge cake.

Délifrance’s Christmas menu also includes other delightful treats, including the following:

Christmas Party Cakes (S$68/30 pieces):

Get the best of three worlds with this offering, which is a medley of Joy of Délifrance, Red Velvet as well as the Chocolate Crumbs and Cream Cheese log cakes, all cut into cubes for easy consumption.

Dark Chocolate Rocher (S$10.90):

The almond confectionaries are coated with dark chocolate and crispy crunchies as an added indulgence!

Chocolate Raspberry Danish (S$45/30 pieces):

The classic French pastry brims with rich chocolate and raspberry sauce.

Christmas Prawn & Peach Sandwiches (S$38/12 pieces):

Succulent prawns, juicy peach, fresh lettuce and tomatoes all housed in Délifrance’s signature butter croissant!

There is also a 15% early bird special for orders by 30 November 2018 on []

Délifrance has made it easier planning for Christmas so much easier for party organisers when it can be so hectic and overwhelming to make everything right.


Address: #02-17/17A 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Website: 67320146



Written by: Coralle Wong

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