Chengdu Restaurant’s Autumn and Winter-themed Dishes

Chengdu restaurant specialises in the Sichuan cuisine where it is common to have all dishes with a certain level of spiciness. The variety of unique dishes they have at Chengdu are bound to attract you.

Ice Ball with Whelk

Chewy sea snail fried with fresh green and red chillies

Cold Sliced Pig Trotters with Noodles and Spicy Dip

Stuffed Lotus Root with Prawn

Seasoned prawn paste is layered on one side of the lotus root and then lightly fried with spicy sauce and red and yellow bell peppers.

Spicy Crab

Huge portion of crab accompanied with cauliflower, potato and cucumber.

Spicy Pork Ribs

Presented in a wine bottle and chains, it is definitely one cool way to plate your food.

Beggar Potato

Another hot favourite of the table, it is so easy to pop it in the mouth and savour the bite-sized potato balls. They are coated with as many as 20 different spices before being deep fried and then further sprinkled with chilli powder and cumin powder.

Spicy Mala Pot

The fried dish has many common favourites such as potato, luncheon meat, prawn, chicken mid-wings and lotus. All of them are fried in a variety of spices, dried and fresh chillies.

Yuzu Jelly

A cooling and refreshing dessert with lots of yuzu slices.

What a spicy meal this was. We thoroughly enjoyed with addictive dishes like Spicy Mala Pot and Beggar Potato.


Address: 74 Amoy Street, Singapore 069893
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10:30pm & Closed on Sunday
Contact: 6221 9938
Instagram: @chengdusg

Written By: Coralle Wong

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