Deep dive into Spice World with their new dessert hotpot

I remember my parents saying to me “You cannot eat dessert before you have your meal!” Sorry Pa, Ma I going to eat both of them at the same time! Spice World has fused both dessert and hot pot together for currently, the most unique experience that I ever had in a hot pot restaurant.

Slurp your way through a bubble tea soup base directly from the pot itself! Personally I would prefer the Matcha bubble tea soup base as compared to the Chocolate bubble tea. It is totally up to your own personal preference, if you want, you can even cook your meat in it! I did try to cook it in the bubble tea soup base, but I prefer cooking in spicy soup base 😋

Accompanying the bubble tea soup base is its own set of savoury toppings like purple sweet potatoes, yam, fruit jellies and even tender beef that you can pick and choose whatever you like in a bubble tea!

The presentation of the dishes is commendable and funny. If you want to strip of a lady’s clothes (well, you can’t do that in reality, it is a crime), you can order a doll dressed up in Australian M8 Wagyu beef ($38.90), and do that instead.

You can have your own experience with this sweet and spicy combination by ordering the Yin-yang mala and bubble milk tea hot pot at $39.90! After which, you can selectively order which ever ala carte that suits you. Ranging from its fresh seafood, Spicy World provides you with fresh scallops and even abalone!

They too have a variety of meat to choose from! My personal favourite would still be the Premium Barbie Wagyu Beef! Apart from that, Spicy World introduces several new beef dishes, including the Bullish Day ($36.90) that consist of a platter of different cuts of sliced beef, tongue and tripe!

Not forgetting, an old time favourite, enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon 🐷🐷🐷🐷

If you really want a unique experience in a hotpot restaurant, come on down to Spicy World and give the Yin-Yang pot a go!

Spicy World Hot Pot
Location: 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-06/07, Singapore 179021
Opening Hours:
– Sunday to Thursday: 10:30am to 4am
– Friday and Saturday

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