Singapore Restaurant Festival 2018 (SFP)

Are you excited for the ongoing Singapore Restaurant Festival (SFP)? If you have not heard of it, grab your chance to start indulging in any of the 63 participating restaurants now till 30th September. The 63 F&B brands ranges from Western to Heritage to Korean cuisine to suit any cravings and dining occasions. Some of the new SRF participants are Pine & Pints, Fat Cow, Pizza Maru, The Flying Squirrel, Dean & Deluca and many more. Eating at the participating SFP restaurants give you chance to win $500 every month when you dine at these participating restaurants!

Follow these 4 simple steps to stand a chance to win dining vouchers from participating merchants:

1. Eat!

Dine at any participating restaurants.

2. Register!
Approach participating restaurant staff for registration and stamp accumulation upon bill settlement. Customers will receive an SMS upon registering using their mobile number, containing a unique URL where they can check the number of stamps collected and their chances at winning the monthly draw.

3. Stamp!

Maximum of 5 stamps awarded per dining session/bill:

● 1 stamp for every dine in at SRF participating restaurants

● 1 stamp when you dine at featured restaurants of the month

– July: Heritage & Japanese

– August: Western & Korean

– September: Chinese & Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Indian)

● 1 stamp when you order a salted egg dish

● 2 stamps when you pay with a DBS/POSB credit or debit card
4. Win!
There will be 4 lucky draws over the course of the SRF:

● Pre-campaign draw (18 – 30 June): No spending or dining required, just register with your mobile phone online to qualify.

● 3 monthly draws (July, August, September): Diners need to accumulate 6 stamps to complete an e-reward card to be eligible for that month’s lucky draw for attractive dining vouchers worth up to $500. Lucky draw winners will be announced and notified on the first week of every month.

We tried 3 restaurants that are participating this year’s SRF, The Flying Squirrel, Pince and Pint and Fatty Weng.

At Fatty Weng, it’s a restaurant where you can eat with your family with dishes like the Peking ducks and salted egg prawn.

Pince and Pint are known for your lobster dishes, especially the lobster roll. Some of the dishes they offer are the following:

Lastly, The Flying Squirrel.

Other than the 3 featured restaurants, there is an extensive list of restaurants participating this year’s SRF. For your convenience, we have included this list below.

Restaurant Name

1 8 Korean BBQ

2 Bali Thai

3 Bangkok Jam

4 Bedrock Bar & Grill

5 Big Fish & Small Fish

6 Big Street

7 Bowl Thai

8 Cali Café

9 Chef’s Table

10 Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine

11 Commons

12 Dean & Deluca

13 Di Wei Teochew Restaurant

14 Earle Swensen’s

15 Elemens

16 Fat Cow

17 Fatty Weng

18 Food Capital

19 Gold Leaf

20 Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

21 Hill Street Coffee Shop

22 Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

23  Honguo

24  Indobox

25  JPOT

26 Jumbo Seafood

27 Katong Kitchen

28  Kraftwich

29 Lerk Thai

30 LingZhi Vegetarian

31  Lokkee

32 Lou Yau

33 Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

34 Moi Lum

35 Ng Ah Sio Bak Ku Teh

36 O-KU Tapas Bar

37 Omar Shariff

38  Oriole

39  PastaMania

40  Pelican

41  Phostreet

42 Pho Vietnam Restaurant

43 Pince & Pints

44 Pizza Maru

45 Punjab Grill

46 Saltwater

47 Seoul Garden

48 Seoul Garden Hotpot

49 Seoul in a Sandwich

50 Seoul Yummy

51 Sessions

52 So Pho

53 Straits Cafe

54 Streats

55 The Flying Squirrel

56 The Marmalade Pantry

57 TungLok Seafood

58 TungLok Teahouse

59 TungLok XiHe Peking Duck

60 Two Hana

61 Udders

62 Youngs

63 Yum Cha

Get yourself excited for this festival as you plan your food journey with your family and friends while getting a chance to win the prize.

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