Xiao Yang Guo Kui Goes Oil Free With Vegetable Fillings

China’s popular traditional street snack Xiao Yang Guo Kui is finally here in Singapore for the very first time. Xiao Yang Guo Kui’s guo kui filled is oil-free and comes with a savoury vegetable stuffings. It is a healthy and crispy nutritious snack.

Unlike your typical bing or biscuit, which is pan-fried on a heated cast-iron skillet, guo kui is baked using a primitive method–in a huge charcoal-heated cylindrical clay oven similar to tandoors without any use of oil.

With its transparent glass, you can see the bakers in action with the bakers kneading the dough and flattening it before they dust it with flour. After which the ingredients for the fillings are added and then the dough is flattened again before it is sprinkled generously with toasted black and white sesame seeds. These flatbread is then attached to the heated surface of the skillet for a few minutes to bake. At any one time, the barrel-shaped clay oven is able to bake six guo kuis.

Xiao Yang Guo Kui offer six different flavours – five savoury and one sweet. All of which are inspired by the different cities of China. The historical snack has evolved over the years to include localised flavours suit the taste buds of different Chinese communities, giving rise to a variety of different flavours.

The 5 different flavours of Xiao Yang Guo Kui are Chongqing梅干菜 (Pickled Vegetables) [S$2.50], Jiangsu雪菜 (Pickled Greens) [S$2.50], Xi An菜类 (Mixed Vegetables) [S$2.80],全家福 (Happy Family) [S$3.00], Sichuan 香辣 (Spicy Greens) [S$2.80] and Shandong 豆沙 (Red Bean) [S$2.20].

Richly flavoured vegetable stuffings are encased within the thin Chinese pastry to give its crisp texture with accompanying flavour. They are so crispy that flake bits will keep falling as you bite into the guo kui.

Every single guo kui is freshly baked-to-order and served piping hot so it will be extremely warm and crispy when your order reaches you. You can also get their hot Soya Bean Milk [S$1.50] or Iced Chamomile Tea [S$1.80] for the ultimate pairing.

It is perfect for a light breakfast or even as a snack after your meal as it is so easy to eat and share with your family and friends

Xiao Yang Guo Kui

Address: Jurong East Interchange, 60 Jurong Gateway Road #01-10C Singapore 608548

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 6.30am–9.30pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/XiaoYangGuoKuiSingapore

Instagram: @xiaoyangguokuisg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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