Tasty Street – Buona Vista

Tasty Street – Our Little Red Dot

MOE Cafeteria #02-01

1 North Buona Vista Drive

Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm

Tasty Street, a stone throw away from Buona Vista MRT station. It is specially located inside MOE building in their Cafeteria. You might have to clear simple security (provide them with your IC, mobile number) while at Ground Level before they allow you up.

Helmed by 3 best friends from Temasek Polytechnic’s Culinary School, they decided to make their passion into reality, while keeping prices competitive and affordable for the mass.

First up, we were introduced to the 3 curated bowls and the concept behind the month old stall. It’s more Asian fusion, like what your mom will cook or what you would get from a Cai Fan (economical rice) stall, but mix it up and you feel like its bimbimbap, most importantly it’s delicious and healthy!

1. Iberico Lor Bak Rice bowl (braised pork belly / lean pork), juicy, succulent and wasn’t too fatty. This was my favourite, absolutely had that homely flavour i do yearn for at times.

2. Black Pepper Wagyu Beef Rice bowl was the most popular at the table, with robust peppery flavour, i would also say $6.50 is a steal!

3. Truffle Hot Plate Chicken Rice Bowl, akin to a hot plate tofu sauce, its drizzled over chicken breast, albeit tough but we do understand it’s not easy to keep chicken breast tender and juicy! This protein choice might be popular for gym junkies.

Thought that the curated bowls were good enough, however if you’d like to go for your personal bowl, you can also customise them, all from your proteins, vegetables down to your sauce! As a fan of vegetables, i’m so glad to be informed that they change their choices of greens everyday depending what’s selling at the markets. (Psst, they have mala flavoured vegetables, if you’re lucky)

Do add that onsen egg, all for that extra oomph – definitely recommended. While I’m the sort to slurp my egg whole, i tried mixing them into the bowl and gosh, it was gooood.

Best part, everything is rather affordable, it’s $6.50 (public) for the curated bowls! Oh and staff get them at $6.10.

Note: Additional sauces for $0.50 – they have salted egg yolk sauce!!

Pop by to check out the selection of vegetables and i hope you get your favourite ones!


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