A Plethora of Japanese Dishes at Amazing Hokkaido

Amazing Hokkaido is the newest venture by Japanese-owned Grand Blue Consulting Pte Ltd, which aims to bring authentic Japanese dining experiences to Singapore. By working with selected gourmet partners, they bring the best of Hokkaido’s ingredients to Singapore.

The Melty 7 Kinds of tsukune [$28.90++]

A variety of toppings such as mentaimayo, fondue cheese and wasabi. The marination on the meat itself is already good so you can try the plain sticks first before trying those with additional toppings on it.

Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl [$39++]

When you order this, you will get to enjoy a splendid showmanship of the server shouting enthusiastically to live taiko beats as they heap spoonful after spoonful of umami-laden ikura onto your rice bowl.

Assorted Hokkaido Fresh Sashimi [$69.90++]

A bowl with a winding staircase of sashimi favourite such as tuna akami, fatty tuna, scallop, sweet shrimp and sea urchin.

The Muroran Yakitori [$3.90++]

A Muroran Yakitori is a grilled pork and onion skewer as opposed to an ordinary yakitori, a grilled chicken skewer. It is a famous hokkaido dish that originated 80 years ago from Toriyoshi, a classic grill restaurant in Hokkaido.

Bibai Yakitori [$4.90++]

Each stick has chicken breast, gizzard, liver, and heart. This uses all parts of the chicken thus nothing goes to waste.

The fun atmosphere of Amazing Hokkaido makes the perfect hangout place for office workers who are done for the day. If you are looking for a chill place to just de-stress and get good food, you got to check out this place!

Amazing Hokkaido

Address: 30 Robertson Quay #01-16, Riverside View, Singapore 238251

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 530pmto11pm (Last order: 10pm)

Contact: 62350212

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Amazing-Hokkaido-103365677707267/

Instagram: @amazinghokkaido

Written by: Coralle Wong

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