Ramen Champion @ The Central

Tucked in the corner on Level 3, we barely weaved through the queue outside and entered Ramen Champion through the Noren (distinctive of Japanese culture).

The restaurant is very spacious and homely, it doesn’t feel clustered at all. Some restaurant have their tables and chairs placed so close together, in hopes of serving more customers. However, in exchange, customer experience is compromised.

Ok back to food. A Salad Bar is spotted! How can we miss this?! especially with all that mist coming out of the bar


All these available at $4 (from tomato pasta to mentaiko pasta & mentaiko as a salad dressing!!!!) not to forget, there are desserts also. Look out for Mango pudding and for Houjicha fans, there is something for you too;)

I have not even started on the mains haha
First up, appetiser – Gyoza topped with Mentaiko sauce

Gyoza was juicy and not greasy. I couldn’t taste the mentaiko, sadly.
Thinking about it, I should have added mentaiko sauce from the Salad Bar hehe

“Life is about improvisation”
– Coralle

Next up, the mains are presented to you…..
I eat mostly salmon sashimi only because I can’t appreciate the texture and flavour of tuna sashimi. What captured the attention of my tongue is the white colour object, namely Squid (sweet and fresh)


level 20 spiciness Ramen because humans love challenges/to seek trouble. For those who are more cautious and prefer to stay on the safe side, level 0/5/10 are available. This dish had more of a Korean touch to me as I tasted gochujang (red pepper paste).


Ramen noodles with blueberry and beetroot = healthfood


Finally, we have reached to the STAR DISH in my opinion.
Generous fat slices of FRESH salmon atop of California maki, surrounded with Ikura like Kuruwa (that acts a barriers) around Japaneses’ castles. Yes I googled it.

Hope my article has enticed you foodies?

Love, Coralle

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