Journey with Shou Slimming Centre

Many of you might have already seen various updates on me embarking on a #100daysofShou journey with Shou Slimming Centre. I go to their flagship outlet at Novena Square.

Initially, i tried out their TCM centric treatments, herbal packs and also massages. These treatments gave me the confidence that i will be really well taken care of. I am assured that the treatments is adjusted and tweaked to solve and improve my various body conditions.

Let me take you through the different treatments i have tried session by session and i will share the effects (it will vary with individuals). You might see repeated treatments, that’s essential for ensuring improvement and for maintainence.

First and foremost these are my general conditions:

1. Water rentention / bloating

2. Cellulites

3. Flabby Thigh

So the focus will be on my thigh / upper leg area, i will be really honest about how i felt through the sessions. For other updates, you may also check out #RachaelWongShou on Instagram or DM and anytime!

I tried their Bio Sculpture treatment using FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology to target localised fatty deposits as well as stimulate the body’s natural cellular stimulation while aiding in natural detoxification. They will press various areas and points on the body to improve lympathic drainage and blood circulation.

ICT is one of the more relaxing treatments i have done at Shou because i could sleep through this, all relaxed and yet at the same time be assured that it is working it’s magic on me. It’s targeted at reducing water retention, bloating and aimed at improving blood circulation. This is painless and actually very comfortable, it feels like a “high blood pressure” pump, inflating and deflating.

Ok, so this is a picture to show my exact thoughts with this machine, Vela Shape, i have a love-hate relationship with this machine, no lying,  it’s painful (disclaimer: i have really low tolerance for pain) but does wonders! It is the most effective for stubborn fat burning and reduces cellulite on my thighs, it also helps to improve blood circulation.

I also did “Gua Sha” and “Cupping” treatments, the Gua Sha treatment is aimed at improving blood circulation and blood flow, improving unnecessary air / wind in the body and releases unhealthy elements. I personally felt that it helps to relieves pain in areas where it’s more tired and reduces aches.

Fat freeze is one of my favourite treatment, i did it once on my waist area and i am truly amazed by its immediate results. They used a machine which felt like a mix of suction and pinching, attached to where there is more fat (side of waist). After the treatment, i could see that my tummy was visibly tightened and looked smaller! This one isn’t painful but rather, quite comfortable once i got used to the feeling of the tightness.

Overall my experience at Shou was a good and productive one. Staff are very friendly and ensures that all treatment done on me was specially curated to fit the needs of my body. I could see results almost after every few sessions, appearance wise while it might not have any drastic change, i could tell when i put on my clothes. If some of you went for their sessions and do not see immediate results, do not be disappointed as it really varies person to person, diet and lifestyle plays a part as well.

Now, go forth and get that body and health you want, be good to yourself!

Shou Slimming Centre


1. One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place, #04-49/50, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616​
Contact: 6536 9388

2. Novena Square
238 Thomson Road, #03-37/38, Novena Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307683
Contact: 6252 5822

3. The Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue, #04-17, The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653
Contact: 6384 4788


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