Live Seafood Market Dining – the freshest seafood can be

Pick your seafood while it’s still living and cooked upon order at the largest food shopping and dining destination, Emporium Shokuhin. The “Live Seafod Market Dining” is their new concept, unveiled very recently.

You can choose your own live seafood produve, beef steaks and vegetables and pick your cooking style of Local, Asian or Western Grilled. While waiting for your delicious food to be prepared, have a seat at the new air-conditioned, casual dining area with the open bar counter at the side. I highly recommend you to get the Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer with the weather getting warmer by the day. This beer has a top layer of white icy beer slushie, that could have been mistaken as foam.

Some of the dishes you can try are as follow:

Chilli Crab ($59, approx 700-800g) with Homemade Fried Mantou ($5 for 6 pieces)

The sweet and spicy sauce coats the fresh and fleshy crab very nicely. Order the mantou in order not to waste the delicious chilli crab sauce.

Stingray in Onion Sambal Sauce

$18/pc (approx 300 – 350g)

Sambal stingray is a favourite dish when people order zichar dishes. Over here, the sambal has a little char and is given generously.

Mussels in Assam Sauce

$14/portion (500g)

Scottish Oysters

Recommended to those who loves oysters because it’s so fresh and huge!

$34.90/ half dozen

$59.90/ dozen

Soon Hock in Sweet & Sour Sauce

$39/fish (approx 500 – 600g)

USDA Ribeye with choice of Red Wine Demi

Glaze or Black Pepper Brown Sauce


Dragon Vegetable in Garlic Oyster Sauce


Crispy Cereal Egg Floss Calamari


Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer

$5.50/ Half Pint

$9.90/ Pint

$56/ Tower 3L (without frozen foam)

The wide range of fresh and live produce at the Live Seafood Market can be purchased for both home and dining in right there in the market, allowing a whole new integrated shopping and dining experience.

Emporium Shokuhin Live Seafood Market Dining

Address : 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1, Marina Square New Wing, 039594 Opening Hours : 5.30pm – 11pm daily



Instagram: @emporiumshokuhin

written by: corallewong

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