Newly revamped Crystal Jade outlet at Holland Village

Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland Village has just re-opened its doors after a two-month long renovation.  afternoon dim sum and sumptuous dinners. Back with a clean, warm and modern look, customers can enjoy the polished interiors and the new menu.

This is the only outlet that opens at 8:30am daily. Early risers who live nearby can rejoice with a place to eat breakfast everyday.

Deep-fried chicken & dried shrimp carrot dumpling 甘笋咸水角 ($5.30/3pcs)

Adorably shaped like a carrot, the dumpling encompasses a lightly-spiced minced chicken filling.

Steamed siew mai with truffle 黑松露蒸烧卖 ($7.50/4pcs)

A combination of minced pork, shiitake mushrooms, truffle paté and truffle oil.

Soya sauce chicken with osmanthus 桂 花 头 抽 酱 油 鸡 ($14.80/regular, $20.80/half, $35/whole)

Picture above is the whole chicken. The chicken is steeped in a marinade and basted with osmanthus-infused syrup which imparts a pleasing sweet and almost fruity note.

Steamed homemade tofu topped with assorted seafood 蒸布 包木盒豆腐 ($18.80)

The tofu is made with organic soy milk and eggs, and crowned with a luscious sauce brimming with pristine prawns, scallop, shitake mushrooms and deep-fried garlic.

Premium seafood congee with Japanese seaweed 昆 布 海 鲜 粥 ($13.80)

Super velvety smooth congee permeated with the umami flavour of kombu (Japanese kelp), scallop, crab and prawn.

Fried brown rice with black bean dace fish & egg white 豆 豉鲮鱼蛋白糙米饭 ($15.80)

Recommended! Unpolished red rice punctuated with the smoky and savoury notes of traditional black bean dace fish and complemented with spring onions, capsicum and egg whites.

Sautéed French bean with Tai O shrimp paste and minced pork 大奥虾酱肉松虾米炒四季豆 ($13.80)

French bean are always good, alone or with rice to balance out the saltiness.

Purple sweet potato & taro with coconut milk, gum tragacanth & sago 椰香紫薯西米雪燕露 ($5.80)

Similar to the traditional yam paste or ‘orh nee’ but this has bits of taro and purple sweet potato.

Deep-fried sesame ball with lava salted egg yolk 麻香流沙煎堆 ($6.80/3pcs)

Subtly-sweet mochi-like crisp exterior with a molten salted egg yolk filling.

Crystal Jade Kitchen Holland Village & My Bread

Address: 2 Lor Mambong, Holland Village, S277671

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 11pm, daily (restaurant), 9am – 930pm, daily (bakery)

Contact: 6469 0300



Instagram: @crystaljadesg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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