Delightful Japanese Teppanyaki meal at Umi Uma on the Genting Dream

Dinner set at Umi Uma includes salad, miso soup, garlic fried rice with your preferred choice of meat (Fish/Chicken/Beef) and dessert. The flair and ease of the Chef playing around with his cooking tools showed his experience. He entertained us with his own playful cooking show with eggs and flamboyant shuffling style of seasoning.

The salad was a great appetiser with greens and flavourful Japanese roasted sesame sauce.

Popular choice of meat was Beef however I opted Chicken for a lighter dinner.

The portion given for the meat was bigger than expected especially for Beef. Garlic Fried Rice was the best part of the meal and being able to see what went into the rice was better.

There was also dessert included in the set.


The meal at Umi Uma was good one onboard Genting Dream Cruise.

Umi Uma

Address: Genting Dream Cruise

Written by: Coralle Wong

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