Philippines top trending mango soft serve Maxi Mango is finally here in Singapore!

Originating from Davao, Philippines, Maxi Mango took the Philippines by storm with over 43 outlets popping up all over Philippines in a short time span of 10 months! Now, this ever so loved mango soft serve has finally hit Singapore and it’s their first store outside of Philippines!

Known as one of the few countries that produces the sweetest mangos in the world, all of Maxi Mango desserts are made with only mangoes shipped from the Philippines weekly and most of their ingredients are also sourced from Philippines to maintain the authenticity of the desserts served.

In Singapore, Maxi Mango will be launching a total of five different soft serve flavours. The soft serve comes in two sizes, 8oz. ($4.90) and 12oz. ($6.90).

The Signature Maxi Mango, is a classic all mango dessert. It’s is filled to the brim with a creamy mango soft serve topped with generous chunks of mango cubes! The Signature Maxi Mango sort of serves as a base for all the other flavours, just that you get different unique toppings for the other four flavours! The soft serve isn’t too sweet and you can definitely tell that it is made from real mangos and not some artificial mango syrup. If you like to enjoy a pure mango tasting one, the basic, definitely go for this!

Signature Maxi Mango

Mango Graham features crushed graham crackers as a topping with a light drizzle of sweet cream cream sauce. This is one of the best-sellers in Philippines as well!

Mango Graham

Mango Ube is another best seller in the Philippines which features a dark rich purple (Ube) yam puree as the sauce. The Ube is native to Philippine and the deep purple colour you see is all natural, no artificial colourings added! If you like yam or sweet potatoes, this flavour might be up your alley.

Mango Ube

Mango Keso is a interplay of sweet and savoury with shredded cheese and crushed cheese crackers as the toppings, and a drizzle of sweet cream sauce. Little did we know that cheese goes well with mangos and it helps to reduce the overall sweetness of the ice cream as well.

Mango Keso

Mango Coconut is exclusively created and available only in Singapore! Fresh coconut flesh flown in from Philippines and crushed biscuit bits are used as the toppings together with a house-made coconut syrup.

Mango Coconut

On top of soft serve, Maxi Mango also serves mango ice blended shakes in two flavours: the traditional Filipino Mango Shake and the original Mango Graham Shake, retailing at $6.90 each. These shakes are lighter and less creamy and more refreshing as compared as the soft serve but you definitely taste the freshness of the mangos still! Best to have them if you’re trying to beat the heat in Singapore!

Maxi Mango is now opened at Capitol Piazza! Be sure to check it out if you are curious about the hype surrounding this mangolicious soft serve from the Philippines!

Maxi Mango
Address: #B2-29, Capitol Singapore, 13 Stamford Road, Singapore 178905
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily

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