Bonchon whips Korean delectable dishes like Army Stew and Kimchi Fried Rice Ball!

Recognised to have great fried chicken, Bonchon now has a new menu to offer more Korean dishes to encourage more family gatherings and post-work indulgence. Some of the korean dishes at Bonchon are Bibimbap, Galbi-jjim, Andong Jjimdak Chicken; and East-meets-West lights bites such as Breaded Rice Balls, Truffle Cream Tteokbokki, sliders and more.

Sliders to start, we were spoilt for choice, this one here has 3 variations so you have no chance to get sick of it yet. A great starter before the mains arrive.


It has several huge chunks of meat with soy sauce based stew with slices of potato and carrot slices.

Andong Jjimdak Chicken, a hearty soupy dish which can warm anyone up, especially on a chilly day.

Breaded Rice Balls, golden crisp to the bite, great as a snack and appetiser for friends and family!

Truffle Cream Tteokbokki, this one here has a strong truffle smell and is very much like carbonara! Fans of creamy dishes will love this.

Customers will also find ice-cold favourites such as Hite beer, Makkoli rice wine, and the iconic Soju to liven up any gathering. New drinks include Gangnam Caramel Shooter,and the bubbly Sojuto–a twist on a typical mojito using Soju.


Address: 53 Boat Quay Singapore 049842

Opening Hours: Mon–Thurs 11am–3pm, 5pm–11pm, Fri 11am–3pm, 5pm–1am,Sat 3pm–11pm

Contact: +65 8816 4797



Instagram: @bonchonsg

Written by: Coralle Wong

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