Stirling Bar and Grill – Beauty World

Address: 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road S(599739)

Tel: 6469 9096

Located at Beauty world, along side shop houses like Fresh & Tender chicken, Boon Tong Kee chicken rice and Alzaam Malay food!

Amongst the many delicious options, we tried Stirling Bar and Grill!

Crispy King Salmon – a tad dry on the inside, the mash is everything though, would go for a side of these mash potatoes, creamy, smooth with little chunks of potatoes for bite.

Ultimate Grilled Chicken, in my opinion, this nicely grilled chicken thigh is something i might just order again, with a light tangy tomato sauce, this was rather appetising.

Stirling Fried Chicken served with paprika fries on the side, secretly wishing that the chicken is drizzled with maple syrup! Maybe throw me crispy waffles on the side as well, well…with more syrup!


We tried the Charcoal Grilled Ribeye steak done medium well – juicy in the middle! And truffle fans… they serve truffle fries on the side! Though the truffle taste was subtle, at least fries were fried nicely!

What really caught my eye was this Grilled Watermelon, all juicy and sweet, topped with feta cheese. Seemingly weird, not something i would order, but this was rather interesting – think warm watermelon, sweet and salty altogether. Delightful but not a dish i would pick first.

We also tried dessert offered by Dessert Splash, Over the Top waffles, while presentation is lovely and instagrammable, just thought it would be great if the waffles were crispy and airy!

Overall, it was a pleasant meal of western fare with a cosy interior! Good for chilling over light bites and beer!


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