Yentafo Krueng Songe – Kallang Wave Mall

Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, #01-15/K7 S(397628) 

Tel: 6702 7344

Thai yentafo (yong tau foo), has always been the mainstays and best selling at Yentafo Krueng Songe. They have more than just yentafo! 

They have introduced a new item on their menu, the Kua-Gai Chicken ($8.50) resembles the fried kway teow / flat rice noodles we eat at the market, except this has chicken pieces. This dish has that smokey flavour and “wok-hei”, dip it in their homemade garlic chili sauce for more taste! 

Other new dishes on their menu includes this Spicy Fried Rice with Tuk Tuk Herbal Pork ($9), it’s super spicy! Stir-fried with finely-chopped thai red and green chili padi, spring onions and beaten egg, its bound to make you pause for a little while, fans of spicy food, this might just be for you. 

Another amazing dish i thought was delicious, is their Steamed Pork Ribs in Gravy with Rice ($12.90), said to be similar to the actual dish in Thailand itself. The pork ribs are tender to the bite, love the sweet gravy as well! 

Beside these rice dishes, here comes the signature yentafo, flat white noodles with special pink sauce shipped in from Bangkok itself. We love the sweet flavour in the soup. A dry version is also available.

This is one of my favourites, the original Tom Yum Noodles Soup, spicy and sour all at the same time, a hot favourite among regular customers. 

Their side dishes are quite something too, while this plate of Sesame Wings ($5) looks pretty ordinary, it so fragrantly gooooood.

Crispy Salmon Skin ($7) comes with a “Yum” sauce which could be spicy for some, at least for me… You are supposed to pour the bowl of sauce over the fried salmon skin for maximum taste! Please don’t do it if you can’t take spicy food. 

This is also one of my favourite desserts, the Kanom Tuay ($5) of steamed coconut milk custard with brown sugar, this is slightly firmer than i would prefer though! 


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