Antoinette’s New Savouries and Brunch Menu by Chef Pang

Chef Pang has came up with new dishes that are sure to catch your attention with its vibrant colours and European flair to them. Watermelon & Smoked Duck Salad [S$24]

Refreshing splash of colours on the plate. Watermelons are cooked in 2 ways. The first is cubes of watermelon are sous vide to enhanced its natural sweetness to the salad. The second is having it brined in vinegar syrup. With 2 contrasting taste of the same item, it raises the complexity of this salad. The artistic splash that caught your attention is actually beetroot yoghurt and a 6 minute egg in the middle.

Double Prawn Linguine [S$26]

Inspired by local specialty prawn noodles, lobster is sautéed and deglazed with white wine; prawn bisque and our home made spicy shrimp paste are added. One unique aspect of this dish would be its ribbons of linguine, full of spicy umami flavour.

Wagyu Beef Tagliatelle [S$26]

Chef Pang’s homemade whole wheat pasta with red wine, a medley of herbs and hunks of wagyu beef. All these with a onsen egg sitting in the middle, enticing you to pierce into it. Best of all, parmesan cheese is grated all over to finish if off.

Bread & Butter [S$6]

A trio of classic European breads: levain, baguette and walnut raisin rye.

Baked Rigatoni [S$8]

A classic tomato pasta dish that pasta-lovers can fall back on when they need a good’o pasta. Rigatoni pasta is sautéed in tomato cream sauce enlivened with chilli, white wine, onion and garlic. The spiciness adds a little addictive kick while the layers of gruyere cheese and emmental cheese on top makes it creamy. It is even broiled for the golden-brown crust.

Black Bait [S$12]

Quinoa charcoal batter gives the whitebaits their bold colour. The morsels of fish are dusted with Whoppie Dust (a homemade spice seasoning) and a sprinkle of raspberry powder, then served with fried seaweed. The homemade spice seasoning is a blend of onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper.

Banana Toast [S$12]

This is something for those with a sweet tooth. Fresh banana, homemade caramel popcorn and coco pops are stacked on a homemade toast with salted butter and Nutella. Chocolate sauce is drizzled all over. Having crisp caramel popcorn to munch on was delightful.

Ham & Cheese [S$14]

Huat Ah! [S$18]

Earl grey tea, pandan juice, pineapple puree, lychee puree, fresh pineapple and vodka.

Pretty Pink [S$16]

It is made with raspberries, Calpis soda, mint leaf, lime and white rum, with golden sugar crystals adorning the rim of the glass.

Blue Romance [S$12]

Blue pea flower, peach puree, yuzu and topped up with gin and sparkling soda.

People usually think of the pretty and luxurious cakes when they hear about Antoinette. With the new delicious dishes out, it will be different now.


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Written by: Coralle Wong

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