HEURA: The new ”meatless” chicken vegan alternative is here at Grand Hyatt!


Following the success of their Beyond Meat Food Truck at Grand Hyatt previously, Foods for Tomorrow, a Barcelona-based food manufacturer co., is back again with their food truck serving a brand new “meatless” vegan alternative Heura. The food truck will be stationed outside the entrance of Grand Hyatt Singapore from 12 to 15 September. This event is to celebrate the debut of Heura in Singapore, first destination in Asia, at Grand Hyatt Singapore in collaboration with Green Monday sustainable movement.

So what exactly is Heura?

Heura by Foods for Tomorrow is a plant-based vegan meat alternative for specifically chicken. Made from non-GMO, non-preservative, gluten free soy beans, Huera’s entire range is made to mimic the taste, texture and flavour of chicken! It has 2 times more protein than an egg, 4 times more iron than spinach and 6 times the fibre of tofu. Most importantly, Heura is a sustainable meat alternative which is good for you and the planet as producing it requires significantly fewer resources than producing the equivalent amount of animal meat!

I had the pleasure of tasting Heura at their food truck event over the weekend and I was rather impressed!

The food truck offered the Mediterranean Heura in either a Grilled Chicken Panini or a Grilled Chicken Tortilla ($8 each, introductory price) and I got the Chicken Panini set to try (which included a cup of kombucha)!


As a non-vegetarian, this was a very good hearty sandwich. If no one told me that this is actually vegan, I’ll totally believe that is a normal chicken sandwich. Can you imagine every layer of this goodness is actually vegan?? Including the vegan cheese which actually tasted like real cheese! And for the main star of the sandwich Heura, the texture and look of it is really in point Paired with other ingredients and sauces in the panini bread, it felt like I was eating real meat! However, I do have to point out, if you eat Huera on it own without any other ingredients, the taste of it still inevitably differs from real chicken meat if you make a direct comparison. The taste of the soy protein is more pronounced (not in a bad way) but it is still a darn close alternative to chicken for vegetarian unlike the mock meat made of flour. Thus I think the way how Heura is cooked and incorporated into dishes is also a factor which will determine the “realness” of the meat factor.

If you missed the chance to try out Heura at the food truck event held from 12th-15th September, the two items will be part of the permanent menu at Oasis at Grand Hyatt. Other Heura items like the Sichuan WokFried Heura Chicken and Thai Green Curry with Heura Chicken will also be available at mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore’s flagship restaurant.

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