Authentic and Mouthwatering Thai food at Soi Thai Soi Nice

Always expect belly rubbing after eating at Soi Thai Soi Nice because you cannot help but to overorder and eat all the irresistible dishes. Almost all of the dishes we tried was good that they deserve a recommendation star on their menu.

Royal Thai Hotpot Small – $38.80
Soi Thai Soi Nice’s Signature hotpot featuring seasonal fresh seafood, deep fried pork belly, prawns, chicken sausage, enoki mushroom, egg and ramen noodle in homemade Tom Yum broth. This is a must order especially during a cold and rainy weather because it warms you up and refreshes you with its sour Tom Yum broth. The variety of dishes also keep your chopsticks busy, choosing and picking them up.

Soft Shell Crab Salad Small – $15.90

The side salad is a real surprise with a very refreshing and clean taste after eating the soft shall crab.

Grilled Scallops Small – $ 14.90

Plenty of chopped garlic all over the scallop.

Claypot Vermicelli with Prawns – $17.90

Very fragrant dish with flavourful vermicelli which has soaked up prawn juices and soy sauce.

Lobster Phad Thai – $ 26.90

Just when you thought Pad Thai couldn’t get better, Soi Thai Soi Nice upped the game with the addition of lobster meat.

Waterfall Seabass – $ 32.90

Fried to optimal crispiness and vegetables slathered all over the seabass. Yet, another dish that was impressively done, attributing to the thick layer of watercress on top. Soi Thai Soi Nice seems to know how to play with their ingredients and matching it all right for a balanced taste.

Cha Om Omelette – $ 11.90

Deceptively plain but in between the fluffly omelette, there is a layer of herby vegetable called Cha Om that is widely loved by Thais and often used in Thai salad. With superb dishes like this that incorporate vegetable, even kids will love their greens.

Mango sticky rice – $ 8.90

Snowflake yam – $ 8.90

Soi Thai Soi Nice continues to impress me every single time I visit them with their awesome hospitality and food. With their newest outlet at Jem, it is nice easier for westies to get their authentic thai food.

Soi Thai Soi Nice

Address: Jem,  50 JURONG GATEWAY ROAD #03-21, S608549

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30AM–10PM

Contact: 6339 1391



Instagram: @soithaisoinice


Written by: Coralle Wong

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