Quorn X Arbite – Choose Food that Taste Good!

Are you a vegetarian?

Majority aren’t – so chances are the the only good vegetarian food you’ve came across are limited to 斋米粉 (Chinese Vegetarian Beehoon) and Indian curries! Well, Quorn X Arbite’s marriage this season will give you a reason to go meat-free! (A least for a meal or two)

Quorn™ was established in the U.K. more than 35 years ago and since then, has become widely available in the U.S., Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, and closer to home, the Philippines as well as Thailand. The main ingredient of Quorn™ products is MycoproteinTM, a nutritionally healthy source of protein produced by a process of fermentation – similar to yeast in bread. Those who love technicals, go here.

For the rest, for the love of food, let me break down the delectable dishes Chef Marc from Arbite cooked up.

This meat free version of one of Arbite’s signature dishes Beef Rendang Mac and Cheese uses Quorn™ Swedish Style Balls. No less flavour-packed, topped with a mix of cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, as well as crumbed coconut. Chef also uses orecchiette pasta and ‘meaty’ locally farmed pink, golden and king oyster mushrooms for added bite.

Rendang Mac & Cheese ($14)

Classic Singapore dish made using Quorn™ Fillets that are sous vide for three hours with pandan leaves and garlic – flavors locked in, texture touche. Calrose rice is cooked in vegetable stock and lemongrass;  I really liked the smokey, charred broccoli and corn add-on as well!

Hainanese Fillet Rice Bowl ($12)

Korean style Quorn™ Burgers  with homemade gochujang sauce! Sandwiched between homemade brioche buns spread with mayonnaise, then topped with an onion ring tempura, this burger makes for a true hearty meal.

Quorn Burger ($14)

Picture perfect for a Sunday brunch – this ‘eggs benny’ is made with poached egg as well as oyster mushrooms topped with a melted mix of three cheeses (cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella) and creamed spinach, sandwiched between two crumbed Quorn™ Fillets. A gochujang hollandaise sauce completes this masterpiece. I’ll let the photo do the talking.

Quorn Benedict ($12)

Overall, i really enjoyed the food, plus the psychological comfort that you are contributing to lower carbon footprint by voting with your mouths (well at least for that meal, for me) For those on the fence, perhaps you could drop by on #MeatFreeMondays  – all diners enjoy a one-for-one offer with every order of Quorn™ creations every Monday for lunch and dinner!


Address: 66A Serangoon Gardens Way

Contact: (65) 9456 3807

Written by: AAJ

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