Dine Inn – An online food delivery platform

Dine Inn is a platform connecting makers and lovers of food.

You can either be a host or order food from the hosts, upon order, decide if you’d like your food to be delivered to your preferred address or if self-collection is more convenient.

Another alternative would be to dine at the host’s place and enjoy your food hot & fresh while you make one or two other new friends!

In this post, i will be showcasing different Dine Inn host, pictures will be featured with their names included so you can pop by www.dineinn.com to search for them and place your order!

1) Natasha – Mango Tart ($25) and Fruit Tart ($25), with delivery, +$19

2) Minced meat wrapped in egg, stir-fry prawns and lychee fried rice

3) Dumplings with meat and vegetable filling

4) Tri-coloured marble cake

Of matcha, vanilla and chocolate swirls, a light and not too sweet sponge! Love that it’s really soft and would serve as a good afternoon tea snack with a cup of joe!

5) Bento set meals

6) Pork Belly Buns and Kimchi Roasted Chicken

Dining through Dine Inn was a delightful and fuss-free process, enabling you to try out different homecooked food from home-based chefs. While it may not necessarily be restaurant standard, this is also where we can support the local food scene #supportlocal. I really enjoyed the various friendships forged through chatting with the homecooks and feeling their burning passion! Try Dine Inn and let me know your thoughts!

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