Indulge your loved ones with an Imperial Feast – Guo Yan

Led by Respected Head Chef Wu Hai Feng who has served many famous figures, including President Clinton. The dishes at Imperial Feast are of HuaiYang and Cantonese cuisine, which are two of the Four Great Traditions in Chinese cuisine. Chef Wu creatively and boldly incorporates western elements into traditional Chinese cuisines, to appeal to people internationally.

Imperial Feast Trio Appetizer Platter

Neatly plated crisp-fried prawn paste roll, savoury scallop with cheese, and tender abalone uniquely paired with a dollop of wasabi. Very interesting combination of dishes, prawn paste roll and scallop was very crispy yet crumble easily into flakes when eaten.

Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup

The beautiful cut tofu stole my absolute attention, seeing 3,600 little strands gently swimming in the chicken broth. Thankfully, it was pointed out to me that there is an image of a swan with its beautiful feathers in this dish! I wonder how many of you noticed it. Quite funny to imagine birds paddling about in chicken soup pond irl – privileged birds. The chicken broth was similar to Brand’s Essence of Chicken; not surprising that this dish won the 2015 Chinese World Chef Championships and second runner-up at the 2016 Chinese National Chef Championships.

Braised Pork Belly

A tradional huaiyang dish, the pork belly is braised for 12 hours in fragrant soy sauce and Shaoxing wine. The proportion of the fats and meat was perfect to eat it, without the need to dispose of any excess fats. It is also well paired with the barley, balancing the overall taste of this dish.

Golden Abalone Treasure Pot (Pencai)

The Pot had abalone, fresh scallops, smoked duck breast, golden soy chicken wings, large juicy prawns, oysters, fish maw and many more. Everything was fresh and nicely covered with oyster sauce. This is available for both dine in and takeaway. The takeaway Pencai is frozen to retain its optimal freshness, and can be easily heated up in the comfort of homes to celebrate Chinese New Year with your love ones.

Fried Cod Fish with Green Puree

Cod fish is slightly charred on the edges and tastes sweet and strangely like char-siew. Dark green puree is made using soy sauce, spring onions and ginger. With that colour, it is assumed that a lot of spring colour was used but I couldn’t taste the spring onions at all. Personally, I think this dish was quite good especially with the ingredients used.

Tobiko Egg White Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Scallop

Anything with gold immediately elevates its status. Fried rice definitely felt luxurious with the gold dusted rice puffs all over, with scallops, crabmeat and tobiko. Unique key points are 4 different rice types and egg whites are used for this fried rice. Seems like a really complicated dish with much needed extra attention.

Double Boiled Peach Gum with Red Dates & Dried Longan

Chinese dessert time! A nourishing & collagen booster traditional desert.

Love, Coralle

Promotion for Guo Yan

Opening Promotion: $88++ per pax, 1-for-1 promotion

4th January 2018 – 9th February 2018

Strictly by reservations only


Promotion for Chinese New Year

CNY Promotion: $228 for 6 pax; $338 for 10 pax

Treasure Pots (Pen Cai): Buy second pot at 50%

15th January 2018 – 9th February 2018

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Address: The Chevrons 48 Boon Lay Way #03-06, Jurong East, Singapore

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11AM – 2.30PM, 6PM-10PM

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